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  1. My pfaff uses up all the left overs from the millenium, prewounds, plastic, aluminum, it's great.
  2. Me too, first one was really nice, and it will be lovely to see you there Lyn.
  3. Sounds like a must have, and signed too, yes please.
  4. I bought some at the AMQF Adelaide and they are great, didn't have to alter tension either.
  5. Better get started Julie, be calling in soon to check out the progress. Lovely design you've chosen.
  6. All packed ready to leave for the Australian Machine Quilting Festival, Adelaide. Yay.
  7. Kashmir, Lorien Quilting. 8" row X 2 rows. Pretty.
  8. Love that colorful bird fabric. And yes, it does look like a bird sitting in the pocket.
  9. Fly in Friday Night so miss the pizza, sounds such fun.
  10. mending, mending, mending, (DH workclothes) Oh and the duck is laying at last, so got a hint for a sponge.
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