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  1. Sorry but I don't know how to answer this. I do hand guided quilting and know nothing about adding the computer to the machine. It does have a laser which can be set up for pantographs but I've never used it.
  2. Used 2004 Millie for sale with 12 foot table $6,000.00. It has been used for mostly my own quilts( and a few friends).I have done any cleaning it has needed I am downsizing so I need to sell my 2004 Millie. It has a 12 foot table, Hartley extended base, and stand alone bobbin winder. There are no problems with it. I moved in January and it moved well. It is set up now if you'd like to try it out...... but won't be for long as I need the space. I can help pack it up for you but would need to look into how to ship it. I am located in Beacon,New York. Kathy (845) 728-5500 or bkathy12@gmail.com for questions.
  3. Thanks! I had no idea that was possible. It's worth looking into.
  4. Yes....buy new rollers and cut the rails is an option....I will have to do that if i don't get any takers.
  5. I have a Millie that I love(sounds like a song). I've recently downsized where I live and my 12 foot table is a tight fit. Would anyone be interested in trading an 8 foot table for my 12 footer?? I live in Beacon,NY. Call Kathy (845)728-5500 or write bkathy12@gmail.com .
  6. I have recently downsized where I live and my Millie is cramped. Would anyone be interested in trading an 8 foot table for my 12 footer??? It's in great shape! I live in Beacon, NY. and can be reached by phone (845)728-5500 or email (bkathy12@gmail.com).
  7. Hi Cindy! Did you sell your George?? I am downsizing from a Millie and was wondering if wanted to work with me on a swap. Kathy(bkathy12@gmail.com)
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