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  1. I just solved this problem yesterday. Do not wash with synthrapol. First place 5 Shout colorcatchers in a mesh bag and place in the back of the drum. Next wash the quilt without detergent on the normal cycle with cold wash/cold rinse. Make sure to dry the quilt immediately to prevent further bleeding. The color should come out. I did not use synthrapol on my quilt as I didn't want to assume further responsiblity for my customer's quilt. Good Luck!
  2. I would love to learn different threads and battings used to see the differences in tension. I would like it if we could use different feet for George; maybe we could have an open hoop so we could see. I would like to see various ways of using George and what designs would look best on different quilts. I think all of the things mentioned by Madelyn and Mrs. A are a must. Also, it would be good to see when and why you must raise and lower the hopping foot. I could go on and on if I took some more time. I am planning on taking my George (minus the table) when I go to Iowa so it can be ser
  3. I am trying to get APQS to teach a class just for George. If anyone else feels the same way please send a quick email to APQS and maybe we can get one. As a George owner I did not qualify for a free class and even if I did it would be on another of their longarm machines most of which involves loading the quilt on the frame, starting and stopping, etc., etc. So spread the word please.
  4. Thanks for all your help. I suspect that I do have have some build up in the bobbin case. I will check that. I also suspect that I am just frustrated and I need to calm down. My client is very picky and she explained for 1 1/2 hrs how she wanted the quilt exactly done. I need all the clients I can get so I went ahead full steam. I probably jinxed myself. LOL
  5. I have to say I am dismayed by my inability to master this. I have tightened the bobbin down as far as I can go and I barely have any tension at all on the top. I have tried changing needles and starting all over on the bobbin/top tensions. For some reason I cannot keep the bobbin thread from showing through on the top and I never have that problem. It is usually the opposite. Oh and of course I promised my client that the white top would be fine but there might be some pokies on the back and she was fine with that. I am determined to find a way...
  6. I have concluded that dream poly is a nightmare. I can balance the thread with a cotton batt but this stuff is too dense. I did okay though by using smoke colored mono in the bobbin and tightening it down ( thanks lady of the lake) and keeping the top loose. I did go up to a size 18 needle. It was the best I could do. A whole day shot and the quilt is due tomorrow. Yikes!
  7. I am having trouble balancing white top thread (sew fine) with black bobbin thread (bottom line) and dream poly batting. Please Help!
  8. I still have 2 living at home ages 18 and 21. Sometimes I really wish I was an empty nester. Hearing your story helps me cope! lol Ramona
  9. They have helped me a lot of times and I'm sure my questions were really commonplace but I sure got great responses everytime and my problems were all resolved.
  10. I tweaked my needle and lowered the hopping foot so that 1 business card could slide under it and now I am playing with tension. I just can't seem to achieve that pretty stitch. It is a little bit better. Maybe it will look better in the morning. Thanks to Dawn for helping me. Ramona
  11. Thanks so much for your help. I will stay up tonight tinkering with it. I wish I had instant experience in cases like this.
  12. Yeah I they were good but my stitch plate was too low and I was having trouble keeping my quilts flat. I may have to call Dawn tomorrow and pester her. I hate to do it but I am worried now. I really need to take some classes in Iowa soon!
  13. I just adjusted the stitch plate height on my George and reset the hopping foot and now my stitch quality is poor. My stitches aren't nice and straight; they sort of go a little crooked where the needle enters the fabric. Does anyone know how to help me? I did set the hopping foot at the height that is recommended (1/64.)
  14. Even though I am a George user I would like to adapt panto designs to use with George so I can compete with other longarm quilters. What is your best source for pantos?
  15. Does anyone have a machine quilting business with George? If so, what is the average number of quilts you quilt in a week? Is it plausible to think that I can make enough money quilting to compensate for my time? Should I relearn longarm quilting and switch to a frame quilter?