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  1. What about Vicki welsh? I've been reading her blog and she's very good with hand dyed fabric... Here is her blog and I believe she does custom orders
  2. It's really a shame that it seems so many quilters have auto immune disorders or pain disorders..I'm not certain if fibro is categorized as autoimmune....but a lot of the things that help people suffering from it are similar to what helps me (an RA sufferer)and it seems to have the same triggers(stress, lack of sleep etc) Im interested in the infrared much does that cost and can the infrared be harmful if you get too much exposure? I really need to go gluten free to see if it helps but I just haven't gotten the willpower. I hate taking all the drugs:(
  3. I have MQBM and an iPad which could run it as an iPhone app and I have an android phone as well...I'd be happy to be a beta tester.
  4. I just used the Fairfield bamboo batting...the 60/40 as someone brought it to me for a charity baby quilt. The loft was good and I didn't have any issues getting a decent stitch. It would probably be easier to say, this 80/20 isn't well suited for machine quilting, perhaps you could bring me the 60/40 I think you'll be happier with the result. I have been exclusively using quilters dream otherwise, but have been experimenting with different batting types on charity quilts as many people bring whatever they have for some of these projects. I certainly have learned a lot:)
  5. I have the same problem. In my county you can't have customers come to your house, so I've been going to the customer. I'm super new and only have had 4 customers so far, but I've pretty much had to wait till its on the frame. I don't have a large table and most of the time I don't have floor space in the studio(my animal free zone) so I've been just measuring on the frame so far and hoping for the best. I wish I could figure out another solution.
  6. Best wishes Sylvia, I know he will feel much better when this is over...just have to get through this hard part. Thinking of you both! Jen
  7. I had this genius idea that I would screen print my logo on some bags but I haven't found any that have a zipper and are inexpensive enough that I can do it so I might just get these:)
  8. If you are looking for good aloe Vera gel...Walmart carries the one that is clear and has no fragrance...
  9. We lost power too but not as long. Ours went out Friday night and came back on Sunday morning at 7am. It was the craziest storm. The wind came out of nowhere and it blew one of the non load bearing giant columns off our house. We lost all our food. I took myself, my 2 year old and my refrigerated meds to my husbands dads house to stay and he stayed here with our dogs in the 100 degree weather and 88 degree house. I'm glad I had power before going to work today. Others were not so lucky. Needless to say there was no quilting done this weekend. I read a book for the first time in a very long time...the union quilters:)
  10. I don't know if that is the Right way to ask the question but I have approximately 6 inches of batting at the bottom of the quilt. Is there any chance that through the quilting, I will run out of batting when I reach the bottom? I'm thinking no, but if there is any chance I will replace it with a longer batting. It is quilters dream select.
  11. I'm just started taking n business on May 31st so it's very fresh in my mind. I bought my machine in November with no longarm experience prior and I remember thinking I could get up and running and maybe get some Christmas business....Ha!!! Yeah that was very naive. It took me several months to understand loading, squaring and tension. I started out working on charity quilts from my guild and that was a really smart thing to do for me as it gave me a chance to practice, and less pressure. I did that for months util I got my first customer. That first customer quilt made me very nervous and I hadn't been nervous for quite a while, but now I'm starting to really get in a groove and feel more comfortable although it seems there is a new situation that I haven't yet faced with every quilt. I am starting off with only edge to edge as that is what I am comfortable with, and I wouldn't mind staying that way. There are a lot of piecers in my area that just want that. So I have had 8 quilts in my first month of business. I do have to say that how much I thought i would make per quilt isn't really turning out to be reality and I hope I get a lot faster as my hourly wage is also not what I expected, but I'm learning a lot and I love doing it. Best of luck!
  12. I bought this pattern a while ago and a local quilt shop even has a class on making it. I need to get my pattern out and go for it...Id like to hear more about the zippers and why hers are the bag!
  13. I tried changing the thread got better but it didn't completely solve the problem. Do you have any other advice? I'm not sure of the science behind what I'm trying to do so I'm not sure what to try next.
  14. It's the thread....don't know yet if its the dark color but I switched to orange which I had just used and its stitching fine...going to try to set it up the thread path differently to see if I can fix it...any advice beyond what Dawn mentioned already? Thanks, Jen
  15. Thanks Dawn, I looked it over and will try all of those fixes:)
  16. Hi, I am starting a new customer quilt with dark teal thread. My machine was stitching perfectly. When I go from front to back the top stitches are not straight they kind of zig one will be to the right and the next is to the left. Another way to describe it is they look wavy instead of straight. Any ideas what to adjust. I changed the top tension around but it doesn't seem to get better. I have the bobbin set at my normal spot and they stitches look fine side to side, just not front to back...back to front doesn't look awesome but its not quite as bad. Any advice? Thanks, Jen
  17. I pieced a minky quilt on my was a strip quilt and so cute...minky front and back. It quilted beautifully. I had no issues with it and will continue to use minky backs as much as I can..they look so nice when quilted and are so soft. I just was careful not to tighten it too much on the frame.
  18. I'm continuously surprised that what I visually think is a straight line is not really when I set my channel locks to check....I'm doing all edge to edge right now which may also not need so much perfection but I just started taking on clients after working solely on charity quilts and I don't want to mess up. It's surprising how much it feels different doing a charity quilt than a customer quilt.
  19. So I was just wondering how you approach this situation. I am taking 3 measurements on the quilt tops I'm quilting. Say the 3 width measurements are 51.5, 51, 51 1/4 with the middle being the smallest measurement. Do you baste the quilt top at 51 all the way down to keep it square? Do you do it another way to keep it square or the differences get larger with wavy borders say 1 inch or more difference between your you handle it differently? Also if your measurements aren't consistent which do you pick to compute charges and do you round anything when calculating charges? Thanks!
  20. I think the issue I'm having is that I'm retracing some of my stitches with the intent to secure the two intersecting stitching lines. I am knotting and burying after pulling out enough thread and then knotting and burying on the restart. I am remembering to pull up th bobbin thread. Is my problem that I shouldn't retrace some of the stitches...should I just start after the very last stitch? To avoid the clump? I am using a computer so I'm repositioning to get the computer back on pattern...maybe there is a smarter way to do what I am trying to do. Going back to a seam makes a ton of sense. When this one is off I will take a pic to show you what is happening. I am having to use a 19 on the batiks as the 18 was getting shred. I'm using omni top and bottom. I can't have tHe stops and starts so I agree I needed to move to a needle that wouldn't cause shredding but it is disappointing because the back does not look very good in my opinion because of the large holes and I do not think my customer will wash it before giving it as a gift...she is very nice but I wish it looked nicer even though I think she will understand.
  21. Hi, I was wondering if anyone would mind describing how they restart a quilt pattern after a thread break or shredding issue. I am unhappy with both the appearance and security when I've run into this issue. I have been pulling out the stitches until I have enough length to knot and bury and then restarting about 3 stitches back from the end to secure both the end and the beginning of the new stitching. But the bobbin area just looks bad...lots of loose threads and it looks like a nest... Should I do something different? And does anyone have a pic of the bottom and top when they restart so I can see what I should be striving for.? I am concerned first that it looks bad and second that it may not be secure enough. I am working on my first customer is all batiks and I tried to go to a smaller needle to minimize the holes on the backing as I think it looks ...well not good, not like normal cotton. I'm actually pretty stressed as I don't feel it's up to the quality work that I want to present especially for the first time. I don't want them to think I stink. Any advice would be appreciated...
  22. I think the reclassification is the biggest factor along with people being more aware about autism and pushing for evaluation. Also, people are choosing to conceive later in life...establishing careers or getting married later or in general just having trouble conceiving. We had Peyton when I was 37 due to fertility issues and the risk factors rise as you get older. I have a friend with two autistic children. She did a wonderful job getting her kids evaluated early and because ofthe work shes done and the therapy, they are doing so well.
  23. Do you baste the quilt top with the side clamps on or off? When you partially float....
  24. So, I hit a button...yes that is right a button while quilting. To be more specific I hit a metal button that was on a bib I appliqued to a baby t-shirt quilt. I was upset about something and didn't stop the computerized machine in time. At the time it didn't seem to cause trouble. I moved on and finished the quilt with no issues. I was about to load my first customer quilt, but felt I needed to make sure everything was ok so I loaded a muslin sandwich to quilt the new pattern i had bought and was going to use on the customer quilt and I put in a new needle. I am skipping stitches pretty badly. There are needle holes. I tried swapping the needle out with the old one and it seemed to be better so then I thought maybe that was it, but I swapped it out a few times and now whatever needle i put in its a problem. I attempted to adjust the needle bar height and I think I did it well. The problem hasn't gone away. Should I move on and retime my machine now(hook assembly) Can that part get messed up even if the needle never went down into the machine at the time of impact? I am so terrified that I won't fix this soon and I can't start a customer quilt(my very first and all batik) if I feel like my machine isn't working properly. I feel so dumb about not being careful. I knew that stupid metal button was there, but it was like it happened in slow motion:( Help!