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  1. SOLD - Circle Lord Design Templates. Aztec $50+s/h, Ginko $50+ s/h, and mini Ginko $35+ s/h. To see these please go to http://circlelordindex.blogspot.ca/2015/01/circlelord-designtemplates-pricelist.html
  2. Mercedes, I have the Aztec, Gingko, and Mini-Gingko boards for sale. Prices are $50 each for the regular sized ones and $35 for the mini, plus s/h. I can combine them into one box if you want them all. Pam
  3. I've ordered from Marshall's many times. They have super quick shipping and reasonable shipping costs.
  4. Selling the Hartley Base Expander I bought for my Lenni about two years ago. When I upgraded to a Milli with a thread cutter, I had to buy a different Hartley. So I need to sell my original one. $50 plus shipping.
  5. Thank you, Sylvia! This has been very helpful to me. I have made several t-shirt quiilts already using trial and error. Your tips and step-by-step directions will make the next ones I do much easier. I also like your borders around the blocks. They really add an extra colorful element to the quilt.
  6. A friend called yesterday to see if I knew how to get lead pencil marks off a quilt. Someone had marked quilting lines with a pencil and then quilted it. It has been washed, and the lines didn't come out. Any ideas?
  7. Beautiful!! I'm still piecing my Orca Bay. I hope it turns out as well as yours did!
  8. I have a Lenni with no thread cutter. Your quilt photos all look perfect, and mine is anything but perfect! I've been practicing and trying to figure out things from reading posts. You all are amazingly helpful! Thank you for all your suggestions.
  9. When I move from one line to the next in crosshatching with lines about 1 1/2 inches apart, how do I carry my thread? I've tried SID but I'm not happy with the results? Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks, Sandra, for putting this together, and thanks to all the people who shared their ideas with you! Your article was well written and comprehensive! I hope to share it with my quilting friends at our next meeting.
  11. The Lenni takes the L bobbin unless you have upgraded it to hold the larger M bobbin.
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