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  1. Here is a link. There are other videos as well.
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    Here is a link. There are additional videos as well. Oooooops, this should be associated with another post, sorry.
  3. My design is real close to the pattern in the latest edition of Wood Magazine. The changes I made are basically adding a 2" piece to the top of the arms with rounded corners to help prevent creasing the quilts. I also used different lengths on the arm support brackets to help the quilts lay better.
  4. Yes the arms swivel.
  5. Yes there is a video posted on you tube of some the of the things I and Jan have made. It was filmed by my son. I really need to update the video as we have made a lot of changes/additions. Thanks for the compliments.
  6. I am not a quilter. My wife Jan pieced and quilted the quilts. Our long arm is a Gammill Vision 26-10.
  7. Just completed my new quilt display rack. Made out of quarter sawn white oak.
  8. Ironing center in progress. Working on drawers for underneath.
  9. My lights are about 23" above the quilt top. Keep in mind the light shades should be of the type that will not let the light blind the operator. We are using daylight compact florescent light bulbs and they give off great light and remain cool.
  10. My main concern with the height of the lights was to have the shades just high enough to shade the bulbs so they didn't blind the operator. I bought the shades from gammill, they are the ones used on the overhead light bar that can be purchased from gammill.
  11. This is what I made and installed above the gammill and cutting table.