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  1. I bought the Qbot with a Pfaff Grand Quilter a few years ago. I have out grown the Pfaff but not the Qbot. I think the Qbot was my best purchase ever. I have no ability with free motion quilting. When contacting Gammill I have gotten only one reply. "Statler Stitcher". I ask about Intelliquilter... they said "Statler Stitcher". When I asked about Qbot... they said "Statler Stitcher". I have talked to 7 different Gammill dealers from Arizona to Virginia and they each and everyone tried to convince me that anything but Statler Stitcher was a waste of time and effort. When I talked to Qbot dealers they just didn't know. When you go to the website and try and look at the compatibility list it bounces you to a blog that does not seem to work well with internet explorer 10. was able to view one of the compatibility lists from that site but Gammill was not listed. Several people said there were other compatibility lists and after downloading a different browser today, I did find a compatibility list that did say Gammill but it does not list any models. It says nothing about parts needed to connect it to a Gammill. Every Qbot dealer seems to sell a specific brand of quilter (Pfaff, Tin Lizzie, Nolting, etc.) and only knows how to attach it to the quilters they sell or brands they have sold. None of them seem to have sold Gammill's. The Gammill dealers only want to sell "Statler Stitcher". At this point I am reaching out to the quilting community because someone has done it. I am sure sooner of later I will find someone who knows someone. I found a picture of a Gammill with a Qbot on it. It was on a website in France. I have written the webmaster and hope to find out how they did it and what kind of a Gammill it is. Thanks so much for replying to my post Marci.
  2. I hope I don't offend anyone with this question. And if so sorry in advance. I know Gammill has their own quilting computer system. However I own a Qbot. Love it. Think the world of it and its a good sight less expensive.... However I see nothing on the Qbot site about it working on a Gammill. Has anyone attached a Qbot to a Gammill with stitch regulator? The model is Optimum but wanted to know if it has been done on any model. Thanks. Jeff Yes I know they have a web site with a compatibility list... and it is not listed. That doesn't mean it has not been done.
  3. ok never mind I found your other post with the needed info.. $10,500 and its in 20105 zip code. Thank You
  4. I don't see an asking price. I also cant tell where, in the US, the machine is located. Can you give us some more information please?