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  1. The Lenni is still available; however, I do have someone coming to take a look at her on Monday.
  2. Quilt Kat I have not sold the machine yet and yes it has rear handles. Rear handles come as standard equipment on Lenni machines.
  3. I just realized that I didn't answer your above question. I would like to sell it prior to listing the house so I can clear out the room it is in prior to showing. We will be moving as soon as the house sells.
  4. I have only used this for personal use to make 4 quilts. I am the second owner and don't know if the previous owner used it for personal or business.
  5. 2007 APQS Lenni on 10’ original frame. Includes manual, Gone Quilting DVD (Getting started with your new machine), Sidewinder bobbin winder, 18 bobbins, 2 packages needles, 5 spools of Essential Pro thread, 14 paper pantographs, 4 adjustable side tension clamps, and a set of Velcro detachable leaders. Moving across country and new home will not have a room for this machine so I would like to sell it prior to moving. $4600.00 Must be picked up in Greeneville, TN which is in Eastern Tennessee near Johnson City/Bristol/ Kingsport area.
  6. I am searching for a used table for a 20" Liberty. If anyone knows of one please U2U me. Thanks, Ann in TN
  7. Thank you, I purchased a used Lenni from a local person. She purchased the Lenni new but I doubt that she upgraded or she would have mentioned it. I will ask her however prior to ordering bobbins. Ann in TN
  8. Anyone upgrading to the bliss that have edgeriders for a Lenni they would be interested in selling? Or have a frame for the 20" Liberty they would be interested in selling? Ann in TN
  9. Newbie question. Does the Lenni take an L or M bobbin type? I am going to order some prewounds. Ann in TN
  10. I would like to get M&M wheels for my Lenni but they are not compatible with the old frame. Can't afford to upgrade to a $3000.00 frame. Is there another frame that Lenni can use that is compatible with the M&M wheels? Thanks, Ann in TN
  11. Altos Quilt Cut 2, all original packaging, documentation, and CD. Like New. $150.00 + shipping Ann in TN
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