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  1. I have tried using Magna Glide Bobbins and just can't get it right (the tension). I tried today with Glide on the top. Bobbin thread kept showing on the top. I adjusted and adjusted and it continued. How do you put them in the bobbin? What kind of tension works? Do you leave the spring in the bobbin case? Any tips would be appreciated. Nancy E.
  2. All of a sudden my machine is skipping stitches from 7 to 1. It was also shredding the thread. The thread is So Fine 50. I use So Fine most of the time. This particular color did shred previously. Bought a new spool of the same color and same problem. My husband watched as I sewed to see if he could see where the issue was coming from. He discovered the thread has filaments that come out from the main strand. These look to be getting pushed together and then finally will not go through the needle. I put Sewer's Aid on the batting I keep in the first thread guide and ran the thread through that
  3. Kristina and Amy, I am having trouble finding the pictures you link to. Amy on that Webshots, I only get a place to sign up to get an email from them. Then I went and registered, but don't find a place to put in the link to find your picture. Someone else on here also linked to Webshots and I got the same result. Kristina, your link takes me to the the APQS forum page where you click on the area you want to explore. It does not connect to a page like this with a number of postings. What am I doing wrong? Nancy
  4. I have the update to 3.05.06. I never use the hub and I also try to be patient. I do have the original Surface not the Surface 2. Thought that might be the problem, but my laptop does the same thing. Thank you for trying to help. Nancy
  5. I have the Millie 2013 and purchased Quilt Path last summer in June and received the original Surface with it. I spend much of my time waiting for my tablet to stop "not responding". Many times I have created something and start to save and it will not respond and in the end everything is lost. I thought maybe it was because I have the original Surface. This morning I decided to do what I could on my laptop and the dreaded "not responding" appeared there also. I gave up for the day. All those things are so frustrating when trying to learn. Also the wait after each time I touch the screen.
  6. I am looking for directions to adjust the hopping foot on my Millie 2013. My CD shows an earlier machine. Are there directions available online? Thank you, Nancy E
  7. Thank you everyone for responses. I'm going to get that 90 degree level and see how it goes. Nancy
  8. Could someone post a link to the Sharon Schamber video for the velcro? I have been looking and can't find it. Thanks, Nancy E
  9. Actually Jim, it is to keep a quilt square on the frame. Others, If I figure it out, I will post. Nancy
  10. Has anyone used a laser level to keep everything even while quilting? It seems like it should work, but haven't figured it out. Curious if anyone has accomplished it. Nancy Engebretson
  11. I am making a bag that called for fusible foam batting, but couldn't find it. Now I am trying to quilt the fabric to non-fusible foam batting instead. It actually worked pretty well, but I got variable size stitches and many were tiny while using my stitch regulator. What changes could I have made to prevent this? Is this a time to raise the hopping foot? It didn't seem to be dragging. I sewed more slowly. Any ideas appreciated! Thanks, Nancy
  12. We are doing senior quilts for our church and one of them gave me fits. It was a quilt with sashing that was not square. The blocks in the center of the sashing puffed up in many places. The center was over an inch bigger than the two ends. I started with a pantograph but ended up with lumps so ended up taking three pantograph rows out. Then I did a meander over the whole thing, but the sashing was wavy and was still not square. What do you do to help make sashing quilts turn out? I am sure this will come up again. Thank you, Nancy E
  13. Sounds like my husband could deal with that! Nancy
  14. Thanks, Dawn. I will check it! Would that vibration be what caused the needle to hit on something to break? It was in very tightly when I loosened the screw to get the remainder out. The friends that came with me to Iowa and I are going on a road trip to Arizona on Monday, so not sure if I will be able to check out my carriage before I go. Will let you know. Again Thanks for the help. Nancy
  15. Thank you, Lyn. Zeke, I was wondering about about the cams. My machine only has the adjustment cams on the front of the machine. My machine is ready to upgrade to Bliss system. Are those the machine cams or the carriage cams? Both cams are going to 9 o'clock. I have tried both in various places between 10 and 8. Are these the ones that should be opposite? Should one be 9 and the other 3? Thanks Nancy
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