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  1. Please contact me offline on this. Thanks. Ja at petsitter.ja@gmail.com
  2. I livein Dallas and have invited several friends to join in a mini quilting retreat in October. We are going to Weatherford, TX who has 4 quilt shops, then taking a toothbrush rug quilt class then to Joe T. Garcias. Sunday we will finish up the rug at my house. I wanted to start off Sunday with a really fun quilting game and maybe break up the day with another one. I want short games that gets everyone involved and invigorated. Any suggestions on games or where I can find the rules for such games.
  3. Great idea Dell. I will most certainly try that. What I didn't say in my post (sorry) is that I was worried about the excess fabric and since I was working from the back of the machine, I would not be able to deal with that excess fabric like I could from the front of the machine. Thanks so much.
  4. I have a client who wants me to quilt a baptist fan (Circle Lord) on her hand sewn quilt top. This top is made of 9 patches of old cotton clothing. The sashing and outer border is seersucker. Because seersucker is a stretchy fabric, I have serged the edges and found that that created more waves - not bad but still they are there. It might be a slight struggle to quilt this top from the front of the machine but how would you all recommend that I quilt it from the back. As I mentioned I will be using the Circle Lord baptist fan Giant template. I am going to put in a new 3.5 needle. Battin
  5. I am wanting to buy the Circlelord and their sale ends the end of the month so I need to make up my mind quickly. And maybe my question is determined by the individual user, but I want to know which Circlelord product is the best for quilting. I plan to start quilting for the public and money is an issue. I have been told that the giant boards, while expensive, are much faster to use than the Circlelord itself. That is appealing as I work outside the home so time can be an issue. Obviously though I haven't built up a client base although I do have one order waiting on my purchase. So wha
  6. I have had monovision since 1967 and love it. Last year I had both cataracts removed and monovision lenses installed. My distance eye is 20/20 however I am having PRK done on my reading eye this afternoon simply because I am tired of messing with contacts. It does take a little time initially for your brain to get used to seeing distance out of one eye and closeup out of the other but once you have your brain trained for that, you never think about it. If I need clearer vision when sewing or quilting, I just put on a pair of reading glasses - no big deal - but my reading glasses have been
  7. The quilt is beautiful both before and after quilting. What did you use to quilt the lines in the heart blocks? The lines just give it another dimension and one that I would not have thought of. This one goes in my favorites.
  8. After reading this thread, I dug out my Z Coil shoes that haven't been wore in 5 years. I will be putting those on next time I quilt. For those of you who don't know, Z Coil shoes actually have a coil in the heel. These shoes (mine are sandles), while very very ugly, give 2" of lift but are bouncy and provide great cushion for the heel. I wore them at a time in my life when I had Plantars Faciatis(?) and my heel couldn't stand any pounding. I can't wait to put those ugly shoes on to quilt. Had been thinking of selling them but won't know. Thanks for the idea ladies. Ja
  9. I am also interested in a set of red snappers or the other brand (whose name I can't remember). I have a 12' machine. Please respond to: petsitter.ja@gmail.com. Thanks. Ja
  10. Morning ladies: I don't have a tablet so I am looking for a program for my laptop that would allow me to draw quilting lines on a picture of the quilt top. I see in the string on this subject that there is a program for laptops. Please tell me the name of the program and where to buy it - and does it work as well as the program for a tablet? Thanks. Ja
  11. I just purchased a new 'electric sewing thread bobbin winder' (amazing how I cannot find who the foreign manufacturer is ...). My old rickety bobbin winder works although it does not fill the bobbin up with thread and the screw to adjust it just won't do so. Someone had added an on/off switch to this old machine and that works great (really an easy thing to do) and it helps with the fear of the darn thing. My new machine is encased with an acrylic housing for obvious safety reasons but for the life of me I can't get the darn thing to wrap the thread tightly or to wind even. So, Amy or anyo