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  1. Thank you, Barbara. I will talk to her, even tho' she lives across the state.
  2. I put my M & M wheels on last Febuary and haven't used my machine since. I was told having a compuquilter wouldn't make any difference, but it obviously did. I have called around, but can't seem to find anyone who will come to help with the adjustments it needs. Does anyone know of someone who would come to fix it? I can pay and I really need my machine to be working right.
  3. Beth, I'm more of a wine glass person myself. Sorry, no martini glass. I wanted to tell you how much I and Joan enjoyed the morning at your house. It was great. It was very nice of you and Pat to make it happen. Thanks again. Evelyn
  4. Hi Beth, I'd like to join you and Patty Jo on the 30th. I talked to her at expo, but need to email her after I figure out exactly what I want to order. Do you think by then my M and M wheels will be here?-- I hope, I hope! I'm going to try to get directions to your house using your address. See you soon, Evelyn
  5. Hey Patti Jo , it was so nice to see you today. I took and so loved the class about wholecloth quilts with Karen McTavish. What a great class!! She is a great teacher, so fun! The show is suburb, good group of venders, too. I'll be there Friday and Saturday for classes with Karen and Pam Clark. I was able to get the teachers I wanted here within driving distance for me rather than going to Innovations this year. I don't miss the drive to Tacoma. I'll see you again soon. Evelyn
  6. I will guess Shana from North pole. I might pass as a Moxie although when I was at Nancy's in Vancouver they were not calling themselves Moxies yet. Evelyn
  7. I am looking for a repair person in the Portland /Vancouver area for my Milli. I live in Amboy, WA. I have a beautiful queen quilt on my Milli and 2 times the needle moved before clearing the quilt fabric causing a small hole in it. The CQ motor made a horrible noise and I immediately pushed the red abort button. That stopped it. I was able to continue each time, but then I was at the end of a pattern with CQ. I pressed the run button to pick up the bobbin thread and even before I was able to clip the thread it caught fabric, started stitching irratically 2 inches, the motor was grinding
  8. I love the 9-patch, too. Or when we need a fast baby quilt, usually one of my granddaughters, get in the baby flannel and cut strips for a quick rail fence. I have them sew 3 strips one way and 3 the opposite way. It's fast and really a cute quilt.
  9. Mary Beth, when you went to bed as a transformer what did you wake up as? Sent my prayer out for you, hoping all goes well as I'm sure it will. I had PT for my shoulders, it's not fun, but if I don't overdo the pain stays away. I met you at Nancy's place in Vancouver. I so enjoy this forum. Keep us posted.
  10. Thanks Shana, I do the same thing only I've never unpinned the top so I could roll it back if I needed to. I'm sure I will need to do that sometime. I appreciate how great you are at helping everybody. Also your quilting is absolutely wonderful. I love it when people share. Maybe someday I'll get brave enough to do it.
  11. Shana, do you pin the top on or float it to be able to roll it back and forth? Evelyn
  12. Hi friends, I was at the first meeting at Nancy's and at Myrna's Sunday and Tuesday class's. Since I've been out of the loop, so to speak, can I still come to the retreat? It will depend on the time and place, of course. It sounds so fun. Evelyn
  13. Linda R. When I first signed up for classes I thought I would be there for Thursday evening dinner, but I'm leaving around 5:00. Something came up. There could be another Evelyn, but I know I asked to be included so check the last name. Mine is Dobbins. I know I'm missing a very fun time. Thanks for your time and patience. Have a great time, everybody! My classes are 120, 128, 202, 220, 224. Great classes. Evelyn
  14. Anybody looking for a room mate for a couple nights at Innovations??? I\'m driving to Tacoma Wednesday morning, staying at the Hotel Murano Wednesday the 8th and Thursday the 9th, and leaving Friday late afternoon. I booked a room, so if anyone is interested in sharing a room, let me know. It has 2 double beds in one room. I guess we can have up to 4 to a room. Two is good for me. The room cost is $329.15. It\'s a block from the convention center where the quilting conference is. It\'s nice. My sister and I stayed there two years ago. Evelyn
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