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  1. Thanks everyone for your feedback. Sounds like wool is a pretty universal favorite. Bought a Quilters Dream wool today!!! I'm so excited!!! This is my first throw sized project that I will complete!!!
  2. I am a newbie and just researching battings. Gonna be used on my DSM for now. I really prefer natural products and want good definition in my quilting. What would you suggest?
  3. kerileann

    Old v M&M v Bliss

    Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. It is so helpful as I research to find the right machine for me. LOVE THIS FORUM!!!
  4. kerileann


    Thanks for your responses!! So helpful as I contemplate this opportunity!! -Keri
  5. I have an old hand me down Kenmore. The foot peddle heats up pretty quick like it is being taxed with very little use. So I am considering what it is I may upgrade to. Looking for what your favorites have been. Considering an industrial type for low maintenance and I know it would be a work horse. But I like the idea of getting a knee lift bar. What features do you love? Any machines you really don't like? Any brands that you've used that are industrial and could suggest? Thanks, Keri
  6. kerileann

    NQR-sorry to ask

    My heart breaks for you. It is so hard when you feel trapped by what you 'should do' (what you think or are told by others should be your response in a situation). Listen to your gut, your inner voice. This is your spirit, the core of your being. Your coworker needs a lot of grace in this season, but that does not excuse her abusive patterns. She is still responsible and accountable for herself as are we all. I have come out of a couple of very painful and messy years myself which were entangled with grief in the family. I have been helped by a counselor myself. We all need to be heard and understood on some level. It is likely that she is looking for this in the wrong place. We need help walking through the deep valleys. As for her hostility and anger, well..... that is a guardian emotion. So much easier to deal with, and protects us from all of the other emotions that we are not ready to face. If she stays focused on the anger she can avoid being flooded by all of the pain. A pain so vast and consuming. The betrayal of losing a child. All of the questions that arise about God's goodness. The abandonment. It's so big, and will touch on every historic area within that is not yet healed. The anger is a coping mechanism. A way to get by. To stay in control. As for you, I commend you for taking action already. Not liking conflict is natural (I historically hate it, but am getting better with it), but being passive will not gain you anything. You can only carry your own authority if you are willing to be responsible for yourself. And this includes standing up for yourself. If you don't value you enough to stand up for yourself, then whose gonna. You are responsible to take care of your needs. If you are in an unhealthy environment, then you need to decide how to get yourself into a healthy environment. (could be you transferring or could be her transferring or could be her taking temporary leave or you taking temporary leave or any number of other options) Be aware though that standing up for yourself and carrying your own authority does not include treading on others. That will only perpetuate the vicious cycle. (humans are so prone to repaying a blow for a blow, the outcome is devastating) You are not responsible for her, and are clearly in no position to help her at this time based on where she is at. The Lord will place the people she needs to get through this when she is ready to walk through it. Legally you have a right to a safe workplace. You are worthy of a productive and healthy work environment. You deserve to be treated with respect. I am so sorry for the pain you have endured and for the slander that has been directed at you and your loved ones. And then to be betrayed when you do speak up. And to not have your voice truly heard. Knowing that lies are being believed instead of truth. It's so disheartening. It's painful. My heart breaks for you. I am sorry for her loss. And I am sorry for your loss too (you have lost your work environment to this situation). You need to be your advocate in this, however that may look for you (it is up to you to decide that). Blessings and prayers for this difficult time.
  7. What were you most surprised by / least prepared for as you started your own quilting business?
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    To Dancing Bear - your Thread Storage

  9. You absolutely need a promotion. I say that Millie is solely yours in the month of January!!
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    Old v M&M v Bliss

    It is so helpful to hear how you use your channel locks. I was trying to figure out how I would keep the quilt square. Thanks for sharing! -Keri
  11. kerileann

    Old v M&M v Bliss

    It is so helpful to hear how you use your channel locks. I was trying to figure out how I would keep the quilt square. Thanks for sharing! -Keri
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    Bliss v A-1 v Gammill

    I am in Bozeman and have been connected with Vickie Oliver. She has been so helpful in answering tons of questions about the APQS machines. (THANKS VICKIE!!!) If I decide on a new APQS I will be going through Vickie for sure. Thanks so much for touching base with me. I really appreciate it:):) I am focusing more on the business end of my research now! (Spending lots of time on the forum doing that) And a couple books. YAY for my own business some day!! -Keri
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    Bliss v A-1 v Gammill

    I was looking at the saddle stools. So good to hear how well it works for you! -Keri
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    does anyone know how the long term wear of a cotton on one side and a poly on the other would be? I would be concerned that the poly would wear through the cotton over time.
  15. kerileann

    Hobbs wool help

    It was so good to get an idea of what wool washes up like. This is an amazing quilt!! Can imagine it is one of those shocking experiences, better to be able to sleep on it and have new eyes the next day. (sadly you did not have that luxury at the time)