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  1. Sorry - Life got busy and I didn't get to check the forums :) This machine is still available for sale. I am sorry to see it go but we are switching our garage to a teen hangout and need the space as our kids grow. Feel free to message me or post here if you are interested and we can talk.
  2. PRICE REDUCED TO $10K OBO Pictures added in comment below too - 2008 APQS Millennium Longarm with Quilt Glide and a 2011, 12 foot frame with BLISS tracks. Offered at $10,500 - make me an offer! Located in San Jose area CA.Great working order - has been maintained well. Purchased used direct from APQS at the end of 2011 the frame was purchased new and the machine had had a full service from APQS. Frame/Table has been upgraded to use easy loading with leader grips to just snap your quilt back/top in place. See http://leadergrips.com. Also has the Light bar installed. Comes with Extend
  3. That dress is beautiful xxx Congratulations and those ruffles are spectacular
  4. Wow! That is amazing for your first attempt and amazing for any attempt it looks like a picture of a real rose congratulations!!!!
  5. I use signature top and bottom and love it, I've not had any problems. It may be just a tension issue? Sorry I can't be of more help
  6. I think it will be hard to find a set used as once you have them there really isn't a need to replace then unless you change the size of your table, or you don't like them.... After using my leadergrips I would not want to part with them lol!!! Good luck with your search though a full set of leadergrips for 3 leaders on my 12 ft table only came to just under $80 I think, red snappers are cheaper and if you float your tops you can get away without having to purchase all three which makes it cheaper too. IMHO they are SO worth it .... I had pins first, then zippers and when I got my Millie I
  7. I always was and dry my quilts, it makes a difference to me in the presentation. That quilt is beautiful
  8. I have leadergrips and love them, I sewed measuring tapes just above my casings on all three leaders gaming out from the center, and that way you can just note which inch marking you lined up your quilt with xxxx
  9. yep thats the one I had it on the frame, and have done a swirl with feather for the top and bottom borders, SID to outline stars and define the light/dark crosses, and added some "petals" inside the stars, then I took it off the frame to turn it to do the other two borders and will feather inside the crosses ... will post some in progress pics and then some completed ones when its done but it won't be on the frame again just yet as I have a quilt for my daughters 7th birthday to finish before Sunday as well as 7 doll quilts that will be party favors for the party it's all go here
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