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  1. Meg, read the thread. Helpful but have tried much of the suggestions. I'm thinking the "learning curve" is the issues and I'm just impatient. I continue to make it work.
  2. Sorry, trying to learn how to use forum. Superior Rainbow on top and Superior prewound bobbin on the bottom. I've made sure the sandwich passes the pinch test.
  3. Every time I change threads. Every time I change bobbins. Seriously. This shouldn't be so difficult. So frustrating. New quilt. Using Rainbow (Superior) and it breaks on top after just a few stitches. I've re threaded. Re needled. Alternate threaded. Cursed. And started all over again. Is there a simple way to get this to work? Millennium. Delivered in September . Less than 10 hours on. Have actually completed three quilts on it with relatively satisfactory results after much frustration. New quilt. Tension frustration has returned.