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  1. Quilt is magnificent, it appears you are as good as any computer out there. Thanks for sharing. Saundra
  2. Libby the quilt is outstanding. As far as you being creative, thanks for trying to make the rest of us feel better when we compare our quilts to yours. Your one CREATIVE LADY. Saundra
  3. Mary Beth it not only sounds like you fell off the wagon but might have gotten run over by it. Don't you worry though you'll have lots of company down here in the mud glad you could join us. By the way hope you got lots of goodies. Saundra
  4. It sounds like your looking in my sewing room. I have slowed my addictions down this year by setting up a folder for all the fabric, books and Crafty classes I buy. I have had better control this year but still having problems. I have now dropped all magazine subscriptions in hopes it will help, I just hope there isn’t a crash of the quilting supply industry with us trying to rain in our impulses. I need something stronger than a 12 set program. Saundra
  5. Great quilt design for Florida, is it your own design? The colors really bring it to life and I'm sure your quilting will really set it off. Saundra
  6. Brings tears to your eyes. So many veterans seem just forgotten by todays society. Saundra
  7. Mercedes I have the 4D like you and I would go with Art & Stitch. You can buy just the embroidery module and later add the quilting machine module if you want it. There is also yahoo group if you wish to ask questions. Good Luck on what ever you choose. Saundra
  8. Sue your quilt is beautiful. But I have a confession I thought you was a professional quilter already. You post on another site I read at times and I have seen some of your beautiful quilts, one that you called Black Sea was gorgeous. I went back several times to look at it. Thanks for the pictures. Saundra
  9. Olivia is beyond beautiful, and we're so thankful she didn't have to have surgery. Hope both of you continue to mend. Don't rush work to fast it will be there tomorrow. Saundra
  10. As Betsy said quilters do what's necessary. In a class with Brigit Schuller she said her machine was put in the attic and she quilted in a bikini, that's really wanting a machine. Saundra
  11. Diane as Joyce said its Rob Peter to Pay Paul if you will go to Google image search and search for that quilt it comes up with lots of variations so very striking two color ones. Pinterest may have some good pictures also.Good Luck Saundra
  12. Beth if you are making utility type quilts the channel locks on your machine work great for keeping the quilt straight and then you can just pin baste as you go. Don't know if this would work for show quilts. Saundra
  13. Terry it looks great and looks like you were having fun.. Would never know you were new to this style of quilting. Saundra
  14. Received my FQ's today and have to say Thank You Linda for organizing this and doing all the work involved sorting and re-mailing. I am amazed that we could send in this many fabrics and not have any duplicates. Thanks to everyone. Saundra
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