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  1. Lots of good advice and tips here so far! Thanks everyone:)
  2. Now that I have pantos pretty much down pat, I want to expand into learning some ruler work starting with SID. what is the best SID ruler to get? What do you have and what are your experiences with them?
  3. Oh my gosh, I just quilted a quilt with Superior's Bottom Line thread and I'm in Love lol! I've never had such a thread that performs so nicely! I'm so pumped about it I just had to share:)
  4. guess i will wait and see what superior comes out with. I had forgotten about that email looking for testers. One thing i do know about superior is that if it's not right, they'll make it right. I have their customer service very good but totally get that perhaps a recall or notice would have been appropriate if ALL the gauges were faulty. Maybe some work and some don't. Great feedback everyone! Thanks!
  5. That's what I wanted to know...and I do have a towa gauge and use only superior threads.Thanks Meg!
  6. Has anyone used Superior's new Top Tension Gauge on their LA yet and if you did, how did you like it?
  7. I, too just finished two quilts with hobbs 80/20 and got a ton of pokies. I have found the quality of this product deteriorating lately. It's also very inconsistent lately in that the thickness varies throughout the batt.
  8. I know there are no dumb questions so here it goes....When I enable my Stitch Regulator Mode do I have to set the stitch length also? I have been doing this and setting it at 11 stitches per inch and they are so tiny and I set them at 9 and they are still so tiny. Should I just be leaving the stitch length at zero when I use Stitch Regulator Mode?
  9. Thanks Lucy! Mine is the Hartley base too and glad I can leave it on!
  10. Hi everyone! I'm new and have a 2005 Millie. My question is when I am using my extend a table with my rulers do I have to take it off to do some fill in stippling or is it okay to leave it on?
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