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  1. Gently used QBOT Automated Quilter and 4D QBOT Desinger Software for sale. The QBOT turns your quilting machine into an automatic quilter. It will allow you to: - Automate your quilting - Program any quilt design - Record your quilting patterns - Create consistent themes The QBOT was purchased in early 2010 to fit a Voyager 17" quilting machine and a Hinterberg Stretch frame. This unit can be used on any machine if additional hardware is purchased thru QBOT. The 4D QBOT Designer software was purchased in late 2010. This software will allow you to trace a picture or use the draw functions to begin your personal quilting design. Also comes with hundreds of built in designs. Brand new cost for both plus tax and shipping would be over $4,000.00. I am selling both the QBOT and Software for $2,500.00. If you are interested or have any questions please contact me at
  2. GENTLY USED: Voyager 17” quilting machine with 10' stretch frame, stitch regulator along with QBot and software for $6,500.00 Machine has many extras such as extra feet, bobbin winder, extended base and laser light. Located in the Buffalo, NY area. Out of state shipping is purchasers responsiblity. If you have any questions please contact me at Machine sold on 12/30/13