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  1. I'm having trouble posting a pic, so try out this link http://i.imgur.com/BuY4hfI.jpg
  2. Wow, sorry I've been extremely MIA, having a new baby really limits my computer time. The machine is still available! It is on a 12 foot table and comes with the APQS bobbin winder.
  3. I'm in NW Rochester! If you want to come take a look sometime let me know, I can get something loaded and ready to play. Happy wedding planning!
  4. Price drop! 2010 Lenni for sale $8000 This machine is in great condition and has hardly been used. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to come take him for a ride!
  5. MindyS


    Thanks for the suggestions, I'm definitely not a 'self-marketer' so showing-off my own work is sometimes hard for me. I've done some poking around and found a guild I'm going to & will bring my current project. Thanks again for all the good advise!
  6. Thanks aborning! I'm in SE Minnesota, but have family in the central/sw part of MN. My machine hasn't been used much, but it sure has been alot of fun!
  7. I bought a long arm 2 years ago with the intent of making it a business that I can do from home as I'm a young mom. I've passed out cards to local shops, put up adds in craig's list and etsy and haven't had a single bite! I've posted my machine on the sale board but feel kind of defeated, I would still love to make this work.
  8. ***SOLD***I'm sadly selling my APQS Lenni Long Arm, I'm just not using him enough and he deserves a quilter who has more time to quilt and play. He has the automatic stitch regulator, a 12 foot table, a back mount laser, the $300+ APQS bobbin winder, an extra bobbin casing, spare needles, bobbins...pretty much everything you need to get up and running, minus the quilt! Please feel free to contact me with any questions about my dear friend. Mindy mslettedahl@gmail.com I'm going to try to post a pic as well.