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  1. I just zigzag with the two edges lined up side by side, not overlapping. I think it works better than overlapping. have not tried the tape, but my friend loves it...
  2. thread changes between the dark and light purple, quilting is fairly dense, but could not get great pictures of it. thanks so much. My Husband just looking at it was like " that should be at least $300... I thought he was out of his mind, but I guess he wasn't too far off.
  3. my friend had me quilt her 92x102 quilt. some custom and some all-over quilting. I have 14 hours of quilting total. We didn't talk price, but she is a quilter and knows what it is all about! I just have no clue how much to charge her. I have never quilted like this, and she usually comes over and quilts her own quilts on my machine. She asked me to do it so it would " Look good".
  4. no, no needle problems. we tightened the bobbin tension a bit and the quilting looks better, still a little rough sounding. My CD seems to have only come with a section on how to set up and videos on cleaning and getting started.
  5. so, that seems to have fixed the thread breaking, but it still sounds rough, kind of a clicking and some of the top thread seems to have loops. then it runs great for a few inches...
  6. yes, I cleaned it all. I think there is a bur on the needle plate. you can feel it, how do I get rid of it...
  7. my top thread keeps breaking. the machine is running "rough" sounds different than usual. I have changed needles, bobbins, thread, oiled, dusted it. etc. when I turn the machine on without the thread in it sounds great, put the bobbin case in empty and sounds good. quilt and it breaks thread with in a couple of inches. if we loosen the top tension we get loops on the back... help! last quilt was a week ago and had no issues
  8. I did this from start to finish in about 12 hours. the whole quilt piecing, quilting and binding.