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  1. Sylvia, So funny I had just gone to forum after a long night and did not apparently get what you a were asking. LOL Good luck Kathalynn Happy quilting
  2. Sylyia we have all been there. Like most I am shy with new people. Decided years ago to just take the chance and if I meet someone I like I ask them to go to lunch. These days I invite hopeful new friends over for continental breakfast and a showing off of my machines. I loves sharing quilting info. Just a few weeks ago I invited one of my few neighbors over after 20 years of only smiling and waving when passing. We had breakfast and talked sewing & quilting and found out she really doesn't quilt or sew. But so nice to get acquainted she is a very nice lady. Don't see us as best buds but definitely good friends. I found my best friends while taking sewing & embroidery classes, this helps insure we have something in common. Let's be friends OK? Happy quilting Kathalynn
  3. Oma so glad your news was good news. Lots of rest and working on getting your strength back. Hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery. Happy quilting, Kathalynn
  4. Congratulations Linda, Great job! Happy quilting Kathalynn
  5. Do you have any attachments and the instruction manual?
  6. Thanks, That story was soooo good I just read it out load to my husband. Guess we needed a good laugh Happy quilting Kathalynn
  7. CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!! I haven't had my Freedom long and I don't get to spend as much time as I would like Quilting but I just love her. The staff at APQS have been great and I learn new things all the time. Especially when I mess up and they guide me through how to fix what ever I may have done. Happy quilting Kathalynn
  8. Oma Glad you are feeling better. Sharing fabric and passing on traditions is wonderful. My mom is 86 years old was in a wheelchair again this past few weeks , she is still quilting with her wheelchair parked in front of her machine. Take it slow and you will back at your machine soon too. Hugs Happy quilting Kathalynn
  9. Linda, Thanks for sharing I am going to do this ASAP. Tracey thanks for asking the question. Happy Quilting, Kathalynn
  10. Barb, You are the Best! I followed your instructions and the job is done. I would not have been able to sleep until I got this fixed. Thanks to you I can put in one more hour then off to bed I go. And now I won't be worrying all night. Thanks Again, Happy quilting
  11. Hi Everyone, Working away on my mom s quilt all was going well. working from the back using a Hartley stencil. I did not see the thread break, now the top thread got caught inside the head. I need to get that thread out of there. Do I just get out my manual & start taking it apart? Awaiting advise Happy quilting Kathalynn
  12. Good Morning Barb, I just made the adjustment on my Freedom. I will be working on the quilt this evening and testing it out. Thanks sooooo much the attachment you sent made it so easy. Happy Quilting Kathalynn
  13. Tonight I do not have any questions to add but I would really love to have the answers to all the questions. Have fun and I bet you have your 100+ by now. Happy Quilting, Kathalynn
  14. Thanks Barb, I am done for tonight but will check out that screw first thing tomorrow evening. I was told the machine is aprox 4 years old so I am thinking 2008. I will call APQS tomorrow and ask them the age as I should confirm that for my notes. I received the email and could not open it on this computer but I will put it on a thumb drive and open it on another computer tomorrow. I'll keep you posted. Thanks again, Kathalynn
  15. Hi Everyone, I have been to busy with work and life lately. I am trying to work on the 16 soon to be 17 quilt tops for my mom. The problem is that since the begenning I have had trouble getting the machine to stop stitching. I try pressing any of the buttons more firmly, yelling stop,stop, stop, and gently taping the handle and saying seriously Stop! It does eventually stop but I find this to be a serious problem when I need it to just STOP. It does this randomly and yes I do talk to the machine. Any suggestions before I call APQS? Hugs to All Kathalynn