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  1. Hi guys - I finished my stack and whack that was sitting for a few years, and now I'm trying to figure out how to quilt it. Any suggestions? I haven't ventured into feathers yet, and don't know how difficult they are. What do you guys think? Thanks for any suggestions! Sheryl
  2. Hi Dawn - the instructions worked! Dear hubby said that the screws were not tightened down, so that is probably the reason it moved. It moved nearly 1/2 way from the original factory markings. Now, the quilting looks different than the beginning of the quilt, but the gift is for my 8 year old "nephew" who really will not notice - neither will his mom - LOL! I'm glad all my tension issues have been been all user error! Thank you so much for the instructions. Hubby is looking at taking off of work, so that I can come to Iowa to take my lesson, and also the 2nd day. I'll let you guys know
  3. No. I actually need to remove all thread before I am even able to remove the bobbin/bobbin case. I did change out the bobbin case and although I was able to pull the thread through, when I went to stitch, the thread broke after about the first hundred stitches. The top thread started skipping stitches and then the thread broke. When I moved the machine to the side - the bobbin thread was unable to move again.
  4. Hi guys - I'm having bobbin issues. Thought it might have been the thread, but I've changed it - tried prewounds (which is the only ones I've been running since I got her in the fall), and wound my own. I am able to bring up the thread, but I can not pull it more than the tail that comes to the top. Any ideas on where to start to fix? Looked inside the "box" where the bobbin goes and didn't see anything stuck in there and tried the WD40, etc. HELP!!! Thanks in advance!!
  5. My Shih Tzu Mimee nudges me in my leg with a toy and wants me to chase her around my sewing room! She is such a little diva at 11 months old. She was looking at where my feet were going the other day ... waiting for her to figure out that she could make the quilt move too! What would we do without our 4-legged children??! Have a wonderful day everyone ... I'm off to finish a project and hopefully get it posted once I read how to - LOL! Sheryl
  6. I've used King Tut in my home machine for quilting and loved it. I also had the same issues with a Sulky Premium thread last week, but thought it was the brand - but again, that is a thicker thread. I'll try to loosen the bobbin a little. I purchased a separate one when I bought my machine, so if I screw up the first one, I have the 2nd one as back-up. It's weird, because it's on part of the circular pattern, and not all of it. I am trying to finish a quilt for a present, and want it to come out nice Thanks for the suggestions ladies - and the quick replies! Off to pu dear daughter fro
  7. Hi fellow la quilters! I am new to my Millenium, and am having some issues with tension. I am using So Fine in the bobbin and King Tut as my top thread. What is happening is the top looks great, but the bottom has small loops of my top thread with the bobbin thread laying flat. I tried adjusting my thread tension both ways, but it is still happening, and when I tighten it too much the top thread breaks ... too loose and the top thread looks awful. Can you offer some suggestions? I don't want to screw around and totally mess up my machine. Thanks for your help. I am free-handing circles
  8. Hello fellow quilting buddies! My Freedom arrived yesterday and I cannot believe she is actually here Bob and Jim put her together and gave me some awesome hints on where to start and they were just awesome. I knew that I made the best choice on my long arm, but their level of customer service confirmed that I have THE BEST in the industry!! By the time they left, I thought they were part of my extended family. Now, I have to work the next two days, but I work from home, and boy, I feel like making a trip down to my new baby. Hey, do we get to give our machines a nick name?
  9. I totally forgot about cheater fabric! More great ideas. Thanks much!
  10. Hi forum friends! I am awaiting my Freedom and am trying to prepare for it's arrival. I was thinking of purchasing a roll of muslin to be able to practice with the machine. Would this be a good idea, and does anyone have any suggestions on where to purchase in the US for the best price? Thanks in advance for any suggestions! Sheryl
  11. Thanks for all the support! Makes me doubly sure I did the right thing. You'll be hearing from me a lot once I get her
  12. I am so thrilled and a bit nervous ... I'm in Grand Rapids at AQS quilt show and have ordered my first long arm, a Freedom. Did a ton of research and playing the last few days and decided APQS was the way to go. I hope I'm not crazy spending all this money!