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  1. I talked to Connie (Bless you Connie!) today and it seems I really shouldn't have used an MR5 needle. Oops. I guess I'd better get my hands on some Mr4.5s Anyway it looks like that MR5 did mess up my timing and my DH will have to adjust it again. Another lesson learned, will they ever end? Blessings, Nancy
  2. I am having a new problem! I needed to change my needle size to a MR 5 for a particular quilt and thread and now when I put an MR 4 back my machine will not stitch at all! I do not have time for messing around right now so I put the MR 5 back in and I am able to quilt. Has anyone ever heard of the #5 needle messing up the timing? I am pretty frustrated right now! Any help would sure be appreciated! Thanks, Nancy
  3. Hi Everyone! I thought I would share some of the things I have done to my Millie to make my job a little easier. This will be verrry lengthy so only read on if you are a strong person!! All of these tips are more fully explained under each photograph on my Webshots site in the album My Little Custom Touches. If you can't figure out what I'm talking about in this post look there and it might help. #1 My Magnetic Bowl - I never use my laser light so I have my magnetic bowl where that light would attach. I've had the bowl here for over 2 years so it doesn't bother anything electronic
  4. Well, maybe now I KNOW I'm crazy!! I really must discover why the SR makes me feel more awkward! By the way, the sound doesn't bother me at all. All of the classes I've taken previously have been on Gammills so it isn't exactly the same, is it......Well in Oct I am going to take an all day (and maybe even 2 days!!) class from Deloa Jones. I am SO excited to take her classes and for her to observe me on a machine like my own. Thanks for letting me know you use your SR all of the time. I've had a couple of other Millennium people tell me that and I was amazed. I seriously wonder what my
  5. If you find a very similar message somewhere on this site forgive me!! I think I hit "Enter" by mistake and it took off into space!! Sorry about that! Again...I am interested in how much you use your SR (if you have one). I use mine for SID, of course and in several other ways. However, I find that sometimes it interferes with my "flow" and I have to turn it off. For instance, if I am writing someone's name in the quilt, especially in small letters, I do a much better job with the SR turned off. Am I crazy?? Thanks All!! Many blessings, njw
  6. Thank you "another Nancy" and Teri. I posted a reply about the Groz needles several days ago and I don't know where it went!!! I'm still learning how to navigate this great resource! I am going to stick to the MR 4s from now on. And the wheel jerking is solved now, too. I appreciate all of the help! many blessings, njw
  7. Oh my goodness! Are there pictures of the colors offered? I wish APQS would stop making me want the latest and greatest..just kidding. My husband is a hot rod nut and he says I can get my current frame powder coated where he had his car frame done.....ohhhh! I'll let you know if we "take the plunge". njw
  8. Thanks Connie and Nancy for your input. After the most frustrating time I've had yet with my machine we finally have the problem solved...oh my goodness. My husband and I both thought the timing looked right on but he decided to try moving the hook closer to the needle and it was just what we needed. I don't know why it would have gotten out of sink because I didn't run over a pin or anything out of the ordinary. And Nancy, thanks for the tip about the jerking wheel, you were right. I opened the side and there was a lot of thread wrapped around the wheel. It still jerks once in a while bu
  9. Hi, I am Nancy and am brand new to the list (like 5 minutes ago!) If this subject has been throughly covered I apologize! Help help help! I am having serious top thread breakage and skipped stitches. I have been quilting on my Millennium for 3 years so I am not a "newbie" but I am stumped! This is what I have tried: the timing looks perfect I've tried a new bobbin case new bobbins rethread bobbins new needles different top threads pig tails are fine We got a new hook assembly a couple of months ago and haven't had any damage or anything unusual since then. I'm not going to
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