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  1. What a fun thread! I have an older female cat who loves crispy Cheetos, but not puffy ones. She also likes plain tortilla chips. We have a younger male who love a good steak bone. He's a real carnivore! He also likes my husbands stinky bare feet and sucks on the thermal blanket and kneads me like I was his mom kitty. All four cats have very unique personalities.
  2. I have one. I just did a search for "saddle stool" and found a bunch of sources. I actually use mine for regular sewing more than at my longarm. I have the taller version which did not work with my old sewing desk. My husband built me a custom sewing desk last winter which is quite a bit taller. I am short and have a plastic storage bin to put foot feed on. It works really well for me with less physical strain than regular office chair.
  3. Years ago, in a previous career when I did alterations, etc., for a living, I sewed my finger and could not find the needle fragment (it had broken when I jerked my hand out of the way). A couple days later, Friday, I took off work early to go to urgent care. I was stuck with a substitute doctor who only wanted to be done with the day so hse could go home. She prescribed antibiotics since the finger was swollen and told be to come back Monday if it was not better. Of course it was not better, no worse, just not better, so I went back at the end of the day to urgent care. I saw a different
  4. Several years ago my guild had a different version of a paint chip challenge. We had to use paint colors that started with our initials. That was fun. I was forced to use colors I am not in the habit of using because of my initials!
  5. Have you tried something as simple as meditation? I too have chronic pain and went through a pain management program that was really helpful. It included PT, OT exercise, counseling which added some biofeedback. If massage it very painful, ask to have less pressure. If done properly it should not be worse than mildly uncomfortable. The OT was helpful in that it helped me learn how to do things in the least stressful to my pain issues way. I have been using accupunture for about a year and a half and it is covered by my insurance if it is "referred" by my primary care doc. and if it is on
  6. Speaking of quilt mavens, if you ever have achance to take a class from Deb Karasik, do so. She is a hoot! and a good teacher to boot.
  7. Well, I am a math teacher and when I was in college, I ran into the Fibonacci Sequence a number of times. For example the number of ancestors of a bee. A female be has two parents a male and a female. A male is essectially a clone of its mother, except for gender (not sure how tht works!) Since I have benn out of college for a while, I admit I have forgotten the other places.
  8. Shortening--that's what I have to do to all of my new pants before I can wear them! After doing alterations for twenty years, I hate to see pants dragging the ground!
  9. Hi, Joan, I agree with what has already been said, especially talking about price before getting started. As you may know I used to be a professional seamstress and have a lot of experience with pricing. Customers never understood that when I made a garment for them that they were getting custom made and therfore they thought it should be cheap! I am so glad not to be doing that gig anymore... I learned to use a stopwatch to time how long it took me to make things and figured out what I wanted to earn per hour, did the multiplication and then backed off a bit as I still needed the business
  10. I would and in fact did about a week ago. Thanks for asking.
  11. Thank you, Oma, it has been more than 15 years now. Of course the experience has effected me to the very core of my being, but now, most days I don't even think about it. STill once in a while it can still knock me to the floor. Both of my parents are gone now and their deaths were easy to deal with.
  12. It is still available and I am willing to entertain a lower offer.
  13. It is still available and I am willing to entertain a lower offer.
  14. It is still available and I am willing to entertain a lower offer.
  15. Back in the mid ninties, my middle son left northern Minnesota on life's big adventure. I asked him to please make sure that he had my phone number and his father's as we were divorced on him at all times. I knew that he liked to engage in some risky teenage behavior, drinking and the like, and was concerned. Of course that was before we all had cell phones, but he had a tiny little address book in his wallet. Unfortunately my suggestion paid off when he was in a car acciddent that took his life. The good news is that the authorities were able to get hold of us fairly easily with the bad