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  1. Sue, Thanks for the information. I will play with it. Pam C
  2. Sue, Could you tell me how to change a motif pattern into a border pattern? I have changed a motif pattern into an array. Pam
  3. I would like to know what price you all are starting custom work at?
  4. The Array is just beautiful. Show us more when you can. Pam in Nebraska
  5. This is for Darlene, I would like to know if you used the CQ to quilt the crosshatching in the borders on this beautiful quilt you quilted? If so, did you quilt in the crosshatching first and then go back and sew in the circles in the open spaces? Did you SID around the pieced flowers and green lattice? Pam C
  6. Char, I have a 5 year old Ult. l w/Intellistitch Turbo stitch regulator for sale. I have it listed in the quilting classifieds on this APQS site. Please contact me with any questions. Pam C 402-993-2443
  7. I would like to know how to charge for piecing a quilt. This quilt is large - queen size and the pattern has a lot of pieces. The blocks are the lone star pattern. So, this quilt would take a lot of time to piece. Please Reply.
  8. Linda, I would be interested in a diagonal ruler. Would your DH make some to sell. Want would be the price? Please let us all know.
  9. A Big Thank You to all who have taken the time to replyl I have purchased a emb. machine Bernina Artista 165 and I have not purchased a binding machine. Is there an attachment to use on the longarm to sew on binding? Thanks,
  10. Tina: I would be interested in learning how to become a quilt judge. Would you please post information on this? I would really appreicate it.
  11. I am having tension problems. Is there a manual or something printed to explain how to great the correct tension? I get a flat thread on the back of quilts; usually shows up when quilting in one direction. How can I fix this problem?
  12. Hello Everyone, I have a thread question. I have purchased some Bottom Line poly thread. Can I use it with cotton thread? Is it OK to mix cotton thread with poly thread? Cotton on top and poly in the bobbin?
  13. Hi, I am interested in purchasing a binding machine and a embroidery machine. I would like to know what brands quilters out there are using and how well their machines are liked? Where to purchase? Your input is well appreicated. Thanks.
  14. Sue: Would you share your list that you typed out with us? How to attach sashing and borders correctly.
  15. Hi, I too would like to view a customer check list - How to prepare your quilt for machine quilting. Also a How to fix a problem list. How to fix ruffled borders. How to fix ruffled setting triangles. How to keep seams straight. How to attach borders correctly. How to keep your quilt square. And so on. I think if we would send these list home with our customers. We could expect better made quilts to quilt. If anyone would share their lists, I am sure we all would appreicate the help.