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  1. Just wanted to give a cheer to my husband. My APQS parts arrived today and my husband successfully removed the old bobbin case installed the new one and got my machine timed!!!! I am up an running again!
  2. Another question. What books, rulers, marking pens, pantos can you not live without?
  3. Hi there I wrote the other day about needing or wanting a take in form. Well now I am in need of more lots more pantos as right now I am loving doing them. So crazy quilting lady seeking panto graphs. Please PM me if you have some to sell Thanks janet
  4. hi everyone! I have been watching/reading this forum for about a year now. I have a favor to ask. Seems that word has gotten out that I am doing some long arming for hire (thus far its been limited to one wonderful non judgemental friend). I am wondering if anyone would be will to share the take in form that they have developed when receiving a quilt to long arm. I have looked at that program that is 195.00 but at this time I can not justify spending that since I don't even know if I am going to enjoy quilting for hire! Right now I get so nervous having someone else quilt on my machine that I don't sleep so time will tell. I also do not want to not ask the correct questions or sell myself short on this trial time. Thanks for your help in advance Janet
  5. Help has anyone had success in using. Minkee for a backing and not have to poke through. I have a mostly white quilt and want red minkee on the back. I have one layer of silk batting and one later of warm and natural white. Thought with the 2 layers I could get away with it. Anyone have any tips or pointers or do I just start again with a different backing (I really want the red as it's a Christmas quilt)
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