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  1. Yes, I think the fleece is a JoAnn's product so not particularly high quality. I'll check around at my local stores to see if I can locate Metro thread, before I give up completely! Do you wind Metro on the bobbin too so it is on both lower and upper. And thanks, Laura, for the term "bearding." That is exactly what's going on but that term was eluding my memory!
  2. Heidi, I started with a #16 needle and then changed to an 18. Using Signature cotton thread like I always do. I have never had trouble with Minkee before, using that thread. I loosened the tension, by degrees as I stitched a line across the top edge of the quilt and even when I got to a too-loose tension, it was still pulling lint up from the bottom. I didn't loosen the bobbin tension. I am very reluctant to do that because I have it set so well for my usual cotton fabric quilting. I'm almost to the point of telling my customer I just can't work with this backing and she will have to fin
  3. I did the replacement myself with instructions that Barb sent me. It wasn't hard and I was very careful to align everything just so. I was having some thread breakage and found that I had a rough spot on my hook assembly, so while I was working on the machine, I smoothed that out with some emery cloth. All is working well now: no thread breakage, good tension. I'm a happy quilter! Really appreciate all of your comments.
  4. I just began quilting a top that has the Minkee type fleece on the back. Low loft poly batting. The fleece is a black and white zigzag and the top is light pink. When the needle passes over the black it pulls up some of the nap from the back so I have black lint on my pink top every inch or so! I changed to a larger needle, but that didn't solve the problem. Would loosening my top tension work? I hate to mess with tension too much, but I'm thinking I might have to for this project. Suggestions, anyone? I've never had this happen before!
  5. Thanks, Nigel. Barb Mayfield has a spare that she is sending to me and I might try to replace it myself. I don't want to risk messing up the tension, but I think it is probably something I can do without problems.
  6. The wire hook on my tension assembly broke this morning. Is it hard to replace? I have a call in to a local repair guy because I don't have a replacement part and I suspect he might. Any suggestions?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. She didn't bring the quilt to me originally, sending it with a friend instead and we talked about the quilting threads then and her friend approved. I did decide to make a sample this morning before she comes, to show her what it looks like to match the thread to the fabrics instead of to each other. I was afraid that maybe the problem is with my inexperience..maybe EVERYONE matches thread to the fabrics! She was nice about the request, said she hated to call me about it, and seems amenable to working out a solution. I'll keep you posted as to how it works out.
  8. This might be a basic question, but I'm curious how you all approach this: I have been in the habit of matching my bobbin thread to my quilting thread, to avoid the "pokies." But I just had a customer object to this and ask me to remove the stitching that doesn't match her backing fabric. It bothers her to have the thread so different in color from the backing. The back in black, the front is off-white, and she doesn't understand why I can't match the thread to the fabric. We are going to try to come to a compromise, but before I stick to my guns, I wanted to query you all and see if you
  9. I watched Jamie Wallen, and even some of his other videos. Great info! I'll do the pin clean on the bobbin case, and also check the tension. After watching him, I suspect my tension is way too tight! And Linda, I'll check that hook finger too. Thanks everyone. I think I'm ready to tackle it again. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.
  10. I am new to the forum, so forgive me if this is a tired topic. But I'm at my wit's end. I have a 12 yr old Millenium, 2nd hand to me, and have just recently begun doing a lot more quilting, now that I retired from my day job! I am having a lot of trouble with thread breakage at the bobbin. It breaks right at the spot where the thread exits the bobbin case, most often without a tail, but once in awhile, it leaves a half-inch long tail at the break. I have changed needles, checked for lint and other obstacles, oiled the hook area, changed bobbin cases, loosened the tension just a bit, and n
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