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  1. Thanks to all. After trial and error adjusting both, I'm in a happy place with my stitches. Now, let's finish this puppy!
  2. I am quilting a top using a light color thread on top and black thread on the back. I see the black coming up from the backside between the light stitches. I tried adjusting the top tension, but it seems to make no difference. Do I need to tighten or loosen the bobbin? Thanks!
  3. I own a Millennium. Is anyone familiar with a small camera set up underneath a quilt mounted on the underside? I want to be able to see the stitches as I'm quilting and catch any surprise loose stitches on the backside of my quilt while in progress... not after. Just having ripped out an entire row, I was looking for a alternative to finger nail running on the underside. or crawling down under the machine with a flashlight. My ideal would be a camera with small light mounted under and a small screen above to view it. Any thoughts? Thanks.