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  1. I love Rainbows and use it in my George both top and bottom. I have a bobbin case set up just for it with loosened tension. Top tension needs to be fairly loose also because Rainbows isn't very strong and breaks easily. Fantastico from Superior is viewed as the Rainbows replacement and it is much stronger. I now use Fantastico except for the colors that are only available in Rainbows.
  2. I'd like to put in a plug for Tracey's Tables ( http://www.traceystables.com). When I got my George about 6 months ago I skipped the standard table and instead got a table from Tracey's Tables. It has a back gate leg extension, a left extension, and a fill-in piece for the back left corner. I also got an electric lift that allows George to be lowered and the table to be used as a cutting table. There are locking casters on all the wheels. The height can be customized based on your height. I have quilted quite a few quilts and am about 70% finished quilting my first king sized quilt.
  3. I have a George timed for Schmetz 14 needles. These are NOT the Schmetz needles used in a DSM but a more industrial version that does not have a flat side.
  4. I tried the George and the Charm before settling on the George. I thought they both had nice stitch quality -- better than all the others. ..The George offers a lifetime warranty; Gammill is only 4 years. ..George has been out for years and any kinks have been worked out; Charm is quite new. .. I was able to talk with actual George users and felt that I got the honest scoop; Charm people were really Gammill longarm people and I didn't feel as confident about what they siadm about the Charm. .. George can be put in a Stacey's table which was perfect for my limited space. Charm c
  5. Lisa, For pantographs I trace them onto Golden Threads ( or other) tracing paper making it about 45 inches wide. Then I needle punch without thread. Now I have a stencil. I pin the paper to the quilt on and pounce on chalk. Usually I do this on the back of the quilt and quilt from the back because it is easier to find a chalk color that works on the backing than on the more variable color values on the front. This means that the thread I want to see from the front is in the bobbin. I wish I were artistic but I'm not so this is my solution. Sometimes I use this technique to make st
  6. My new George arrived Wednesday night. Because my mother was visiting, we just opened the box enough to verify there was no overt shipping damage. I don't have a table because I am waiting for a Tracey's table, but I just couldn't stand the thought of waiting another 4 weeks to try it out. So I put it on a piece of cardboard on my dining room table. I put the plexiglass "table" that came with my Janome around it. Not a perfect fit - still a small gap between George's throat and the plexiglas -- but good enough. I played with some test sandwiches and gained some confidence in adjus
  7. Thanks for the advice. I decided on the George and now I can't wait to get it.
  8. I realize this is the George forum but I thought I'd ask anyway Ii'm trying to decide between the George and the Gammill Charm. Has anyone looked at both and does anyone have any words of wisdom for me. My biggest question is the difficulty of tension adjustment for a variety of threads. I usually quilt from the back of the quilt because it allows me to see my markings better. This means I need to be able to run things like Isacord, Superior Rainbows, King Tut in the bobbin. Can I do this fairly easily with the George. Any other advice welcomed.