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  1. Hello, I have yet another question. Thank you for being patient with a newbie. I was wondering when you need to pick thread off of the batting while you are already loaded how do you do this? Thanks, Yael
  2. I have back problems and have tried a few longarm companies out. I am leaning toward the Millennium and APQS in general because of a few features: hydraulic lift, bliss system, advance feed, light weight head, and multi-positional handles. If you have back problems or even if you don't do these features help you with the stress on your body? Thanks, Yael
  3. So I'm narrowing down what longarm I would like and I'm getting closer to the Millennium over other options out there. Now I'm trying to figure out if I buy a robotic from the beginning or if I wait for a while. My husband is leaning toward getting it from the beginning, I'm leaning toward waiting a few months. It partially depends on what computer system I go with. I've looked at these boards and saw that a lot of people like the Intelliquilter over the Quilt Path but those posts seemed to be a from 18 months ago and I was wondering if people had more opinions now that the Quilt Path has been on the market longer. Any opinions for or against either of these systems will be great. Thanks, Yael
  4. Hello, I am deciding which machine to get and which table size. I'm leaning toward a Lucey with a 12 ft table. I have a space that is 14 ft by 8 ft with my cutting table open but with the cutting table closed I have a 14 ft by 10 ft space and if I wheeled my cutting table completely out of the way into a closet I would have a 14 ft by 11 ft space. Technically I could reorient everything in the room and have a different set up but this would be the best so that the machine is far away from where my little kids would go. Would this space be enough room for a Lucey on a 12 ft table? Thanks, Yael