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  1. I used a computer program to draft the pattern. Colour selection was done by cutting samples of my fabrics (I bought over 250 0.2m samples) and scanning them into my computer. I saved each swatch as a .jpg photo, and then used my rendering program and the folder full of fabric swatches to create the pattern based on the original photo. This is the original photo I used as my source: Once the pattern was generated, I used photoshop to draw a simple grid. I chose blocks of 12 x 16 squares sort of arbitrarily because that was what fit my table space and was in easy reach. When I co
  2. Hello, I was suggested to look for a longarm quilter to finish my quilt.This quilt top is my first quilt I've ever made. I wanted to do a photorealistic portrait of Tom Hiddleston (the actor who plays Loki in the Thor movies) so after a year of hard work and lots of cutting I finished it. This quilt measures 100 x 100 inches (king size) and is made up of 40,000 1-inch squares which are 1/2" finished. I used 250+ different fabrics of mostly semi-solids and fine patterns in my palette. However, because this is my first quilt, and the piecework is so dense, I have no idea how to finish it. It's