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  1. Corey Beautiful quilt and I really love the grey background. Raquel
  2. Queenie I think you will find that there are a lot of people on this forum that have purchased machines solely for their own use. While I may quilt a baby quilt for a friend that needs something quickly I do NOT quilt for others. My husband has his toys and this is mine and I have never regretted buying the best machine to quilt my quilts. Raquel
  3. Michael That is a great border!! Raquel Birch APQS Sales Representative
  4. I will be there Wed -Friday. Thursday is my favorite night...Party Time!! Raquel Birch APQS Sales Representative
  5. I purchased the Bobbin Cam and I love it!! The screen is very clear. Kevin is very good about answering questions. In fact he gave me his cell phone number and I was able to reach him everytime (just had to remember the time zone difference). I use an extend table (clear lucite) and the camera works fine with it on. Raquel Birch APQS Respresentative CA
  6. Congratulations to Joanie Dorsey from Long Beach, California. Joanie was randomly selected to the win the 32 GB iPad 2 from APQS. Congratulations, Joanie and thank you again to everyone who participated. Keep your eyes open for more promotions in 2012
  7. The quilt on the cover of this magazine is amazing!!! I can not imagine doing this micro type work in black thread on white fabric. One wrong stitch would be magnified. Funny thing is I spent a long time looking for one wrong stitch and couldn't find it. The cording that is between the blocks is unique and beautiful. This is a must see in person quilt! Raquel
  8. Superior also has a full line of 100 silk thread with a lot more colors! Raquel Birch
  9. Nancy I was just thinking about you yesterday!! What a beautiful quilt. Hope we can get together again someday Raquel
  10. Just be aware that all of the new cute Go dies will NOT work on the studio.....guess how I know this Raquel Birch APQS CA representative
  11. Corey Looking good!!! Where are you teaching at? Raquel Birch APQS representative CA
  12. www.mqumag.com/events generally lists some of the major shows For Calif the big shows are Road 2 Ca in Ontario in Jan, July in Long Beach is International Quilt Festival. Oct is Mancuso show in Santa Clara PIQF. There are also many guild shows and private quilt shows that you can find by googling. Raquel APQS rep California
  13. I bought the new brake in December and I love it!! And for $50 it seemed like a bargin. Raquel Birch APQS rep Sunny California r.birch@sbcglobal.net
  14. Birgit I just saw your quilt. It is beautiful. How many crystals were on your quilt? Raquel Birch
  15. Cathey I had my husband take a dremmel (sp?) to the front of mine and grind it down to about 1/8 inch. It is open to the sides so that I have clear vision. Raquel
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