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  1. Update: I went in to dealer yesterday all set to buy a 500 series Bernina but wanted to sew on a few machines first. Came out w/ a Babylock Melody. Between that and my Millenium and my Bernina 1008 I feel like I can do all the things I want. Thanks everyone for your help.
  2. Wow. Really 12 layers of denim? I am impressed. I do lots of t shirt quilts which always end up with sweatshirts and jeans for some reason so that would be great. There are 3 dealers in a convenient area for me... all of them sell Bernina, Janome and Baby Lok. So, I guess I will decide among the 3. Thanks for your help everyone. Any more ideas/suggestions/reviews are greatly appreciated. I plan on purchasing sometime in the next 2 weeks.
  3. I did Hawaiian Star . I really, really enjoyed doing it. The thing I did that helped me stay organized was buy the huge zip loc bags and I kept all the different segments separated in these bags. I labeled all the bags w/ sharpie. I would read through ALL the directions several times as it helps to know whats coming next. The directions were good and I had no problem following them. If you can paper piece and sew a curved a seam you should have no problems. REally fun.
  4. I wouldn't worry about it. If you like it and it performs for you, then it is good. I have used it a lot over the last 10+ years and never had any problems. I have learned as everyone else has said, that works for others doesn't always work for me and vice versa. Someone told me to NEVER do a pantograph from left to right on my Millie when I first got it. So I didn't. Then one day I decided to try it and it worked fine. Been going both ways ever since! Or maybe it was right to left????
  5. Hi. Anyone love their "regular" sewing machine? I would love to hear your recommendations. Obviously I don't need it for quilting...use the longarm for that.... but I am upgrading from my mechanical Bernina 1008 which I LOVE LOVE LOVE! But I want some decorative stitches for applique, an automatic needle threader, knee lift etc. Some of the fun stuff to make life just a tad easier. I don't need embroidery functions but won't rule out a machine if it has that. I have tested out some baby locks and Berninas and they are so much faster and the baby lock so much quieter than what I have.
  6. Has anyone had this happen? I am waiting for APQS to open so I can call them but I think this is really a problem! yesterday I hit a safety pin (which I use to hold the quilt backing on the leaders). My customer cut the backing the same size as the top and I stupidly did it anyway so i had no margin for error. So, of course, I had a big error! I called APQS and they said it sounded like I jammed the needle bar and gave me instructions to adjust that. So, I did that. It was super hard to unscrew the needle bar set screw and I needed my hubby to strong arm it. Once the adjustment w
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