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  1. Kathy, I made the switch from a Sweet 16 Sitdown in August and love it. Learning curve, YES! The more you play the more comfortable you will get, congratulations on your new Lenni.
  2. How exciting, yes she is a beauty. Congratulations!!!
  3. Thank you all for your comments they've been very reassuring. I'm trying to be patient and wait until fall to purchase a long arm.
  4. I have a Handiquilter sit-down and the only issue I've had was taking it in for it's annual check-up. It took me over 2 months to get the appointment and once I dropped the machine off it was another week to get it back. I've been able to try the Handiquilter and Gammill long arms, both were fine. If I find what I want and the price I want I would also buy without first trying it out.
  5. Beth, congratulations on your soon to arrive Lenni. So far the only road show somewhat near me (4 1/2 hr drive) is not until October, Springfield, Illinois. Looks like APQS will be at the Madison Quilt Expo in September but it doesn't say anything about Road Show.
  6. I received a email yesterday from APQS for Road Show in Minnesota the beginning of June. I can sign up for the Demo on Saturday. I can leave for Minnesota after work on Friday, demo on Saturday and drive home on Sunday. I told my husband about my plan and respond "that sounds great but isn't that the weekend Kristie is getting married". That's okay, it does look like APQS will be at the Madison show or maybe I can make it to another Road Show. It will happen when the time is right. I have been looking at the different brands and have had the opportunity to a few. I haven't had a chance to try an APQS but from the research I've done it's on the top of my list. Thank you all for your suggestions and yes I am seriously considering used. Wendy
  7. Thank you for your response, I have the Handiquilter which has the larger M bobbin.
  8. I have been following this forum for almost a year but this is my first post. I own a sit down machine but for years I’ve wanted a long arm. I do not want the stress of quilting for hire so it has been difficult justifying the cost. For twenty years I’ve wanted a long arm and in twenty years I’ll be too old to enjoy, I’ve now justified the cost. Now it’s trying to decide which machine. I would really like Millie but she’s not in my budget. I enter the giveaway every day but I think a backup plan is in order, Lucy is more realistic. Questions: Why did you choose an APQS? What size bobbin do you have? I’ve been told that there is a problem with the M and the recommendation id to get the L. I haven’t been able to find anyone in the area with Lucy and I’ve heard APQS will not be at the Madison Expo this year. A couple of reasons I like Lucy is the 26” throat, what I’ve heard about APQS support and being able to do some of the machine maintenance myself (myself means asking my husband). Thanks, Wendy