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  1. Hi, I own a a 2005 Princess KenQuilt, looking for a Ruler Table so I can do/learn ruler work. Thanks, Angelia
  2. First of all there is a question in this post. I bought the 2005 KenQuilt Princess for $4000. Have decided to go up and get her because I don't trust shipping and movers. I know how they throw things around. My DH only wants to only remove the head off the rails and put the frame in the back of the van. I'm telling him the frame needs to be broken down the whole way. So can I get clarity here from those who know, PLEASE!!!!! Thank you, Angelia
  3. Looking at an 2005 KenQuilt Princess with I/S stitch regulator, I have no idea how much is too much to pay. Would this be a good beginner machine for me to start on, I don't have a ton of money, no more than few grand. Since the company is out of business, no support either. My husband is very handy however. Can any of you experts help me out here and give me guidance please!!! 10 eet rails, 22 inch throat, one owner.