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    sewbizzie reacted to ffq-lar in replacing needle, is it in right?   
    I believe Gammill sells small cylindrical needle-aligning magnets just for this task. You insert the needle and place the end of the magnet on the eye of the needle, projecting out towards you. You can easily see whether the needle eye is facing forward perfectly. And if you like "6:25" or "6:35", it's easy to turn it slightly and check again.              https://www.longarmsupplies.net/needlealignmentmagnet.aspx
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    sewbizzie reacted to Marie0722 in Grandmother's Flower Garden   
    Usually I am my own worst critic but I finished a quilt for a customer last week that I am really happy with. It is a king size Grandmother's Flower Garden, all hand pieced. Every flower is made up of seven different fabrics, and every fabric was only used once in the quilt. There are a few repeats in the green background but not in the flowers. She worked on it on and off for five years, and she must have collected every basic fabric out there for the last 20 years. It was so much fun quilting the flowers and looking at all the different fabrics, recognizing many of them. She asked me to "make the flowers look like flowers", and I think I did

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    sewbizzie reacted to LibbyG in HONOR ABIDES HERE   
    The Bedford Historical Society asked our guild to make them a raffle quilt for 2017.  I've always wanted to make this quilt since I saw it in McCalls Quilting Magazine a number of years ago.  I used Hobbs 80/20 batting, So Fine on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.  I added an extra row to the top and side of the pattern so it would be queen size.  It won 2 First Place Awards, a Second Place and best longarm machine quilting in 3 different area quilt shows.
    Only one judge said she saw shadowing.  I did try to press seams open, but it was easier to sew nine patches ironing to one side.  How do you try to prevent shadowing?  
    Honor Abides Here (2) by Libby G, on Flickr
    Cumberland MD quilt show 097 by Libby G, on Flickr
    Honor Abides Here (5) by Libby G, on Flickr
    Honor Abides Here (3) by Libby G, on Flickr
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    sewbizzie got a reaction from Bliss Quilter in Ribbons at the Quilts By the Sea   
    Congratulations, your work is beautiful.
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    sewbizzie got a reaction from delld in Ribbons at the Quilts By the Sea   
    Congratulations, your work is beautiful.
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    sewbizzie reacted to Laura Farnham in Embroidered Applique,......   
    Wow!!!  I just LOVE this Customer Quilt!!!!
    It is a smaller wallhanging,... but boy does it pack a Punch!!! 
    The COLOR! {my Favorite} 
    The Embroidery {Wow!  Just Wow!!} 
    I used a double layer of Quilters Dream Wool to give it a nice loft. 
    Then of Course,... Glide Thread in Prickly Pear and Cerulean,....
    I kinda plan as I go,... so let this one just speak to me. 
    I knew I wanted to break up the space to really add some texture
    Of course,... I had to throw in some featherwork!
    Continuous Curve in the Turquoise squares,.... Pebbling,.. Stippling,
    and McTavishing,... Oh,... and continuous straight line work in the outer border
    to frame out the whole piece!!! 
    Will be shipping this one back home to Florida,...
    Like they say on Flip or Flop,....
         Time to start a new project!!!!

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