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  1. I have some Bose On-Ear Noise-canceling headphones - Bluetooth so no wires. Because of allergies - over the ear and in-ear make my ears hurt pretty quickly. I tried the on-ear and didn't have the pressure and pounding problems in my ears that I had with the other styles. They fit tight-enough to block noise, but not confining. I wear reading glasses and don't notice any problems. Expensive, but I am very pleased with them.
  2. Another vote to give Angie or Amy a call. I had exactly the same problem, no matter where it was set, I seemed to get tiny stitches. Angie had me check my encoders for wear and proper adjustment (they needed to be adjusted), and then directed me to the circuit board and walked me through a couple of adjustments on the circuit board screws. it didn't take very long, plus Angie and Amy make it very easy - they have photos and instructions that they send to you so you know exactly what to look for.
  3. Are the boards still available?
  4. Hi Sheri, I am interested in your wheels if they are still available. Do you know if they work on a 2005 Millie?
  5. I'm still interested in Drip, carpet of leaves, counting sheep, plumage and chevron feather. Let me know if they are still available. Thank you!