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  1. Probably here are the instructions. https://www.apqs.com/fuse-replacement-video/ Nigel
  2. Click on Lynn’s name and send her a message, that will go directly to her email. She hasn’t been on the forum for 16 months so I expect she has sold the machine. If you get her please ask her to update the ad. Nigel
  3. If you undo the four thumbscrews that hold the handle clamp on and let the handle hang. You will see a couple of Allen head screws holding the back part of the clamp to the head. Tighten them up and reassemble. Nigel
  4. Try the phone number or email address in the ad. She hasn’t been on the site in over a year.
  5. Sherri You can time it yourself. Here is the video from APQS. It probably will take a couple of tries the first time but once you have done it successfully it will only take five or ten minutes in the future. Nigel https://www.apqs.com/timing-apqs-machine-video/
  6. On an iPad and I suspect it is similar with whatever machine you are using. Go to your original post and click on the three dots at the top right of your post and you will see the edit button. Then you should be able to edit the title to say sold and you will also be able delete all the text in your ad and replace that with sold as well if you like. Don’t forget to save changes. Nigel
  7. Look at the picture Connie posted in this thread. I don’t know who first did this but it is brilliant and simple to do. https://forum.apqs.com/topic/43372-batting-storage/?tab=comments#comment-551487 Nigel
  8. I agree with Jim. If you tear a top stop and see if the customer has any of the same fabric for you replace the damaged piece with. Consider supplying the label for the backside of that other one. We’ve also offered the quilting at no charge even when we have made the above repairs and have always gotten paid anyways. Be honest with your customers and most will be more than fair with you. Nigel
  9. Try this link. I have no affiliation with him I just found it by using the search feature for his name. http://www.mcautomationinc.com/led2.html
  10. Yes. You should be able to use any size needle in the same class just like you do in your domestic machine. When I had machines I successfully used needles from 3.0 up to 4.5 without making any changes to my machines. I think the problems usually come in when going to a significantly smaller needle because they flex easier and may require the timing to be set up so the needle kisses the hook a little harder. That is why APQS will tell you to stay within one size up or down from 4.0. Nigel
  11. Gayle Click on the three dots at the top right of your post. The edit function is there. Nigel
  12. I haven’t seen any Green Millennium from the factory in quite a few years. They would take the Ultimate 1 machines strip them down and rebuild them to Millenniums and then use green decals instead of red to differentiate them. The factory would wait until they had a good number to do at once as the process was a little different than a straight build using all new parts. We had one of those machines and the savings was about two thousand dollars and it came with the full warranty. Nigel
  13. Call Nolting and ask them. At one time they would do installs on any machine. Also there is another company http://www.quiltez.com/perfect-stitch/ that had a kit for the APQS machines. I believe it may be the same system used on the Nolting NV with the rest of the Nolting line up using Intellistitch. At one time APQS would take in Ultimate 1 heads on trade towards a newer head with stitch regulation. When they had a good number of Ultimate 1s they would do a run of Green Millenniums. It might be worth asking if they will still take your machine on trade. Best of luck and p
  14. You’re absolutely right and math was my strong subject fifty years ago. I haven’t had my coffee yet. So you would have to take a 1/32 off the edge of the ruler but I’m sure that is not an acceptable solution either. I’m not helping so I’ll be quiet now. Nigel
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