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  1. RunningThreads

    Gros Beckert needles

    Connie i don’t remember the article but I did get some needles from APQS several years ago that were different even though the packaging was the same. I had skipped stitches with the new set but the machine worked perfectly if I used the old needles. I had to tighten up the hook to needle distance just the slightest amount and all has been well since. In theory as long as the needle system is the same any manufacturers needles should work in your machine just like your domestic. Nigel
  2. RunningThreads

    Where can I get SERVICE MANUALS for Baby Lock Coronet??

    I can recommend Ray White for a general repair class. Learned more there than at the APQS class. The internals of these long arm machines is pretty much the same as your hundred year old Singer. Gail, where are you and what kind of problem are you having? A good number of members here maintain their own machines and may be able to help. Nigel
  3. RunningThreads

    Auto-Advance Pedals

    Shawna My guess would be a bad connection in the unit as it is unlikely two switches failed at the same time. I would call or email APQS and describe your problem. They are usually very good at sending detailed instructions to repair any problem you may have. Then either you or your handy person can fix it. Posting here is good as well as someone may have knowledge about this and get you going a couple of days quicker. Be sure to let us know the result to help the next person that may have a similar issue. Sorry to be of no help Nigel
  4. Sequindalin Chrisma hasn’t been on the site since April. Click on her screen name and send a personal message, that way it will go to her email. Nigel
  5. RunningThreads

    Selling my 1990 Ultimate I with I/S

    Intellistitch is the add on stitch regulation. As Jim said it is a really good deal, a commercial grade stitch regulated machine for under four thousand. Marci would have paid over three just to add the stitch regulator. Nigel
  6. RunningThreads

    Unable to remove broken needle from APQS Machine

    Something is not right. You should have been able to take the broken needle out with your fingers after you loosened the screw. I think Jim Erickson had a similar problem with a new needlebar a few years ago. It turned out that there was a sliver of metal inside the hole from when the needlebar was tapped for the screws. Contact APQS and bring it to their attention it really should be a warranty issue. If Jim notices this post maybe he can walk you through his repair. Nigel Found Jim’s post and sent it to you in private message.
  7. I believe at one time the smaller tablet wasn’t as powerful as the larger one so it didn’t have all the functions. That shows up in the difference between basic and classic. It looks like there is a full function small tablet and you can save some money. I have an older tablet with the full screen and sometimes I wish it was bigger when I am trying to see a pattern in actual size. As an example we have two IPads one 8 inch and one 10 and the difference is huge between them. The large one will be easier on the eyes for sure. Nigel
  8. I don’t have mine anymore to take a picture but this is how I worked it. I used to put my right index finger on the left side of the switch assembly and my right thumb on the right side and rotate my wrist counter clockwise. Basically rotate the switch like a doorknob. Hope this helps. Nigel
  9. RunningThreads

    APQS Freedom for Sale

    Maybe let people know where you are.
  10. RunningThreads

    Track lighting above long arm?

    Matt Sparrow posted an inexpensive light system many years ago. I would use led shop light instead of the fluorescent lamps as they are only slightly more money. On the set I made for the Millie I also used a wireless outlet switch and velcroed the remote to the power advance switch box. When I got it to my liking I took the pipe outside and sprayed it flat black to match the table. Nigel
  11. RunningThreads

    Broken bobbin thread

    Magna Glide? You mean the ones with the magnet? You have the backlash spring removed and the magnet side against the bobbin case right? Nigel
  12. RunningThreads

    Repacking gearbox while on the rails

    Well if you can get grease in without turning the head upside down you will be my new hero. Try it first and if it works let us know. Just cut the corner on the bag the grease comes in and use it as the piping bag, you won’t need much. Getting the IQ out of the way shouldn’t be too hard. I would remove the motor from the head by removing the two Allen screws shown where I put the q-tips and unplug the grey wire from the motor (it pulls straight up) and unclip the wire from the side of the head. Removing the motor this way means you can put it back on in exactly the same position without having to make adjustments. There is another cable that you should unclip going to the mount for the tablet. On mine it splits into one jack to recharge the tablet and a real small connector to the circuit board. On my picture the green connector is actually two connections and you would only need to remove the one. You IQ is new so it may be way different. Nigel
  13. RunningThreads

    Base extender drag

    If you are looking for something to make the rulers grippy you can get adhesive backed sandpaper. Cut a couple of small pieces and stick it to the bottom of the ruler then you don’t have to press down as hard. Nigel
  14. RunningThreads

    Quilt path vs Intelliquilter

    Email her and ask but I thought it might just be cable ties. I think it should be part of the install kit. I have no idea though I don’t have the hydraulic lift. Nigel
  15. RunningThreads

    Quilt path vs Intelliquilter

    Did you see Angela’s set up? The video says to contact her for a vitural demo. Looks like relocating your hydraulic lift is pretty straightforward. Nigel