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  1. There is another method to get the screws out I learned from Amy. Take a standard (flat) screwdriver and hold it perpendicular to the edge of the screw and give it a decent whack with a hammer and that will leave a divot in the edge. Put the tip of tip of the screwdriver in the divot and angle the screwdriver so when you tap the handle with the hammer the screw turns counter clockwise. Once it starts to turn it will come out easy. You can use a 4 amp slow blow fuse if you can’t find the 3.15 locally but no larger, this I was told by APQS. I am sure Matt Sparrow will have them. Nigel
  2. RunningThreads

    2002 Millie - stitch length selector

    I suggest calling or emailing APQS service tomorrow. They are very good at diagnosing over the phone and will get the needed parts out to you quickly. They will also supply very detailed instructions with pictures to replace those parts. Nigel
  3. RunningThreads

    2002 Millie - stitch length selector

    Same front and rear? If not I would same deffective gauge. Nigel
  4. You need a screwdriver that fits the screws well with a decent sized handle. If you don’t have the strength to push in and turn at the same time and nobody stronger to help you. Try tapping the handle of the screwdriver with a hammer at the same time as you are turning the screw out. The heads of the screws are quite soft so if you mess them up replace them ASAP. You can get suitable replacements at your local hardware store if you don’t have spares. Nigel
  5. RunningThreads

    Panto Size for King Size Quilt

    Pamela, I don’t think I can explain it well. I assume we are talking about a panto that doesn’t interlock. The way I was taught you set it up the best you can and when you get to the last few rows you would measure how much length you have left on the quilt and compare it to how much length you have left in IQ. Then you go into adjust or edit pattern and select the rows you have left and change the height to match your measurement. If it is a pattern that interlocks don’t bother you just hit the Adjust button before the last rows move the needle to the bottom of the quilt select clip and snap to needle and done. The other method is when you get near the bottom go back until you can add/edit block select add block, clipping block, select the rows (patterns) to be affected and then you can make a rectangle following the left bottom and right edges and high enough to clip the top edge of your selected patterns, then select done finished. Go back to sew quilt and select your clipped patterns and finish the quilt. Unfortunately I’m doing this from memory as I have sold my machine. I know I could do this faster than I can type the instructions. Nigel
  6. RunningThreads

    my machine advance just quit

    Does the power supply have a fuse? The old ones did. Nigel
  7. RunningThreads

    Needle stuck in down position

    You need to get the needle out. Try turning the flywheel backwards and maybe loosening the needle screw and rotating backwards. Once you get the needle out you will probably have to change the fuse. It is in a little drawer where the cord enters the machine unless it was built for Canada. The Canadian machines have a separate fuse for the motor. Let us know how you make out. Nigel
  8. RunningThreads

    Millie has power but won't sew

    If it is a Canadian machine there is a fuse under the top cover. See about 2:49 of the video. Nigel
  9. RunningThreads

    Can someone help me remove a post?

    Try editing and leaving the word “deleted” Nigel
  10. RunningThreads

    Apqs ultimate 11

    Here is a link to the timing video. I believe the U2 is the same. Good luck Nigel
  11. Have you seen the APQS timing video? Nigel
  12. RunningThreads

    Glide thread

    I’ve always had to back the tension off for Glide. Try one of these things at a time until you have success. First check the pigtail guides for grooves. For the three hole guide above the tension thread under the first hole and down the third hole, next I would back off the top tension one of two turns until the thread stops breaking then adjust the bobbin tension to balance. Also slowing down a little may help. That is what has worked for me in the past. Nigel
  13. RunningThreads

    Bobbin problem

    I’ve heard of bobbins spreading out when the tension is too tight on the winder. Could be your issue. Nigel
  14. RunningThreads

    Ultimate 1

    Best tension video I have seen is this one. It gives you a good starting point. The upper tension may need a quarter or half turn at a time until you see any change much different than your domestic machine. Nigel
  15. RunningThreads

    Ultimate 1

    The light switch is probably on the top cover of the machine above the speed dial. It should be a rotary type that you turn clockwise to operate. When you stop the machine does the needle always stop in the same position? If not you will not have a single stitch button. You will have to rotate the flywheel by hand to make a single stitch and when you stop stitching just like you do with your older domestic machines. Nigel