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  1. Did you connect the USB receiver to the rear side of your tablet mount? There was some talk of not all clickers being compatible years ago. If I remember correctly only one button on the clicker will work with the IQ.
  2. This topic comes up several times each year. This is my response to someone a couple of years ago. It may not be current as I’ve retired and am not paying much attention to the industry. Nigel APQS will not add it but you could trade the head in for a certified used machine and keep the table. I believe pumpkinpatchquilter did this a few years ago and the price must have been ok as she was considering adding Intellistitch. There are two aftermarket systems I know of for stitch regulation. The most common one being Intellistitch. They used to do in studio installations but there are very few installers anymore. This is the same regulator that Nolting has been using for many years. Nolting will do the install at their factory if you can't get an installer to come to you and the price is around $3000. Member here Abercroft was going to send her machine to Nolting maybe pm here and find out her experience with doing this. The other system is called Perfect Stitch by Quilt EZ. It is more money and I believe this is the regulator Nolting is using on their top of the line NV machine. I have seen one on an Ultimate 2 machine and the install wasn't very attractive and the machine had been damaged on the way to Quilt Canada so it wasn't working well either.
  3. Have a read. Also post here and Facebook to see if someone want to trade for your larger table. Much easier to shorten than lengthen. Nigel
  4. Going by memory as I have retired and sold my machines. The leaders on our 12 foot were 126 inches wide and centred on the rollers which leaves about 9 inches each side. So 126 minus 12 is 114 inches, your leaders should be ideal if your table was actually shortened 1 foot. Nigel
  5. Try unplugging the machine and hang the cord on top of the machine and see if it still happens. I’ve heard the Bliss is so light the weight of the cord will drag the machine to the centre if that is where it is plugged in. Nigel
  6. Figure out how much more time it takes than doing a pantograph. I expect it is at least triple so charge at least triple the panto rate. If you don’t charge enough you will grow to hating doing custom quilting for customers. It is just like any other business if a customer doesn’t like the price show them a less expensive option. When you get a reputation as a good custom quilter no one will question your price. Nigel
  7. Try clicking on her screen name and select message and send a message that way. It will go to her email as she has not been here since November.
  8. This member hasn’t been on the forum in several months. Try clicking on their screen name and you will see an option to send them a message. That will go to their email. I don’t now why people post things for sale without contact info and don’t check back on their posts. Nigel
  9. I think you are referring to quilt as you go. There seems to be a couple of different methods so do a google search and some reading. Here is one I found. It would be nice if you can post pictures if you have a go. It may help someone else down the road. Nigel
  10. Welcome to the forum. On the APQS main page you will see a support tab and under that you will find service videos. Many will apply to the Ultimate 1 as well. One of the most common service items are the thread guides, they will get a groove worn into them and then start breaking or shredding thread. Easy to check, grab the thread above and below the guide and drag it in a circle around the inside of the guide. The thread will catch if the guide is worn. Then just loosen the guide and turn upside down and retighten until you get new ones. Nigel
  11. Agree with all above. The thread will sink into that backing and be almost invisible when you are done so why fight with King Tut in the bobbin. Start by loosening the bobbin tension so that when you lift the tail the bobbin case stands on edge in your hand but doesn’t lift. That will get the bobbin very close to ideal and then adjust the top tension to balance. As said above King Tut can be difficult for many but looks spectacular when you get it right. Nigel
  12. APQS still has them on their site. We had both types when we had our machines but the steel ones wouldn’t wind on the Turbo Winder. No problem winding the aluminum ones on the old style winder though. Nigel