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  1. RunningThreads

    Check spring

    Did it break right where the thread passes over it? If so I’m surprised you haven’t had thread shredding or breakage problems. I’ve changed a few over the years on our machines because they get a groove worn in them just like the pigtails. Nigel
  2. RunningThreads

    Pricing question on quilt

    Well said Gail.
  3. RunningThreads

    Pricing question on quilt

    In my mind it should be at least four times your pantograph rate. I bet it took at least that much time. I think the reason most quilters don’t like doing custom work is they don’t charge enough. Nigel
  4. RunningThreads

    14ft table track system to bliss

    grandad It depends on which table you have but all tables with horizontal wheels can be upgraded. Most tables made in the last 8 or so years were bliss ready and the upgrade is about a thousand dollars. The older tables will also require new rails and that upgrade was about three thousand dollars. This is from memory from a few years ago and the pricing may have changed. Nigel
  5. Try rocking the flywheel back and forth while pulling on the needle. Just a thought. Nigel
  6. RunningThreads

    Needle bar does not come up all the way

    Call or email APQS and they will fix you up. I’m away from home until Christmas otherwise I’d send you my instructions. Nigel
  7. RunningThreads

    Needle bar does not come up all the way

    Ask APQS service. There is a mag collar in the back of the machine that tells when the needle is at the top or down. It may have come loose or if you jammed a rag in the hook and had to retime the belt may have skipped a tooth, ask me how I know. Someone recently had the mag collar come loose. Nigel
  8. RunningThreads

    Selling my Freedom

    It would be an excellent machine for a newbie. Same machine as APQS Millennium without the electronic channel locks and the thread cutter. The thread cutter I’ve never used and the channel locks are an easy work around if you need them. Nigel
  9. RunningThreads

    Gros Beckert needles

    Connie i don’t remember the article but I did get some needles from APQS several years ago that were different even though the packaging was the same. I had skipped stitches with the new set but the machine worked perfectly if I used the old needles. I had to tighten up the hook to needle distance just the slightest amount and all has been well since. In theory as long as the needle system is the same any manufacturers needles should work in your machine just like your domestic. Nigel
  10. RunningThreads

    Where can I get SERVICE MANUALS for Baby Lock Coronet??

    I can recommend Ray White for a general repair class. Learned more there than at the APQS class. The internals of these long arm machines is pretty much the same as your hundred year old Singer. Gail, where are you and what kind of problem are you having? A good number of members here maintain their own machines and may be able to help. Nigel
  11. RunningThreads

    Auto-Advance Pedals

    Shawna My guess would be a bad connection in the unit as it is unlikely two switches failed at the same time. I would call or email APQS and describe your problem. They are usually very good at sending detailed instructions to repair any problem you may have. Then either you or your handy person can fix it. Posting here is good as well as someone may have knowledge about this and get you going a couple of days quicker. Be sure to let us know the result to help the next person that may have a similar issue. Sorry to be of no help Nigel
  12. Sequindalin Chrisma hasn’t been on the site since April. Click on her screen name and send a personal message, that way it will go to her email. Nigel
  13. RunningThreads

    Selling my 1990 Ultimate I with I/S

    Intellistitch is the add on stitch regulation. As Jim said it is a really good deal, a commercial grade stitch regulated machine for under four thousand. Marci would have paid over three just to add the stitch regulator. Nigel
  14. RunningThreads

    Unable to remove broken needle from APQS Machine

    Something is not right. You should have been able to take the broken needle out with your fingers after you loosened the screw. I think Jim Erickson had a similar problem with a new needlebar a few years ago. It turned out that there was a sliver of metal inside the hole from when the needlebar was tapped for the screws. Contact APQS and bring it to their attention it really should be a warranty issue. If Jim notices this post maybe he can walk you through his repair. Nigel Found Jim’s post and sent it to you in private message.