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  1. Jamie For these people that don’t give contact information click on their screen name and you will see an envelope icon that you can send them a message that goes direct to their email. This particular ad is four and a half years old so unlikely it is still for sale. We get many ads posted here and then the poster forgets to check back. Nigel
  2. Ever check the brushes? Here is the video.
  3. When I was quilting I would use for any of the Fil-tec threads. They do have have a minimum charge for the first order and subsequent orders. A minor inconvenience to get wholesale pricing. Nigel
  4. Looks like you are going to learn how to time your machine. It will probably take some a little while the first time but once you’ve done it once it gets much easier and quicker. Here is a link to the APQS video. Nigel
  5. Sorry I’m late to this conversation. If this is happening with full bobbins it could be they are slightly too full or egg shaped and rubbing on the side of the case. Quite often I would have to pull off a few yards until the tension ran smooth. I guess a bent bobbin case would also cause this. Nigel
  6. Yes that check spring does need changing occasionally. It will get a groove worn in it just like the pigtails but not nearly as often. The check spring’s job is to prevent the thread from getting wrapped around the needle. It does this by taking up any free play between the tension and the needle when the needle is out of the quilt. Some will disagree but it really should have no effect on tension unless the thread is snagging on the spring. Have someone record the thread path with your cell phone camera as you are quilting. When you review you may see your problem is further up the thre
  7. From what I can tell TM-3 is for “m” bobbin case and TM-1 is for “l” case. The George like most APQS machines could have either L or M so which does the machine you are asking about have? Nigel
  8. I assume you have already checked the outlet the machine is plugged into for power. Also try another fuse if you have one. Nigel
  9. We always used the stitch regulator with the design boards.
  10. There is no formula that I know of. There are too many variables mainly the density of your quilting. I don’t know about Quilt Path but Intelliquilter will tell you how many linear yards are in your pattern when you set it up to sew. When I was quilting I would start with a full bobbin and sew the first full pass of my pantograph and then look to see how much bobbin was left. If there was not enough for the next pass I would start another new bobbin. I avoided restarts in the middle of the a pass. My time was more valuable than wasting maybe a couple of dollars of thread over a quilt. Af
  11. Maybe check the motor brushes if it has them. Nigel