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  1. Which machine do you have and how old is it? Several of us had similar issues when we changed to M&M wheels on the older machines. Turned out to be a static electricity issue playing havoc with the electronics (mostly in dry winter climate). APQS came up with a grounding kit that seemed to work well. Maybe drop an email to service and describe your problem. Support has always been excellent regardless of whether your machine is under warranty or not. Nigel
  2. When we were new we used to add a piece of fabric to the left or right of the quilt top and do a little test there. Then you can turn the edge of the quilt sandwich and see the back and adjust if needed. Also we were taught to pull on the bobbin tail every time you insert a bobbin to make sure it felt right. If you are getting lint from the thread then clean out the lint under the bobbin tension finger with the corner of a business card. Superior So Fine became our most often used thread because it runs so clean and that change alone eliminated ninety percent of our tension issues. If you haven’t seen it before I recommend watching the Thread Therapy videos with Bob Purcell. We attended one of his seminars many years ago and not once did he promote his brand over another. What you need to know is not on the label. Nigel https://www.superiorthreads.com/videos/thread-therapy?utm_source=media&utm_medium=marketing&media=PPCGNBT&gclid=CjwKCAjwybyJBhBwEiwAvz4G74VVZ5Km1A2j0EcSHIvYiaXf34nOls_zifRS6x23IJYi20CIztyrRxoCmdoQAvD_BwE&utm_campaign=PPCGNBT
  3. A price and contact info might help with your sale. Nigel
  4. Follow this thread for the concept. I’m not sure if there is a ready made solution for your table but you could inquire. https://forum.apqs.com/topic/35177-texas-hold-em/ Nigel
  5. Find a drill bit the same diameter or a fraction smaller than the needle shank. Put that inside the needle bar and twist with your fingers and pull out. The machining may have left some debris behind. Nigel
  6. Probably available from your local hardware store. I know I can find them at Lowe’s in Canada. I suggest taking the old one with you to match up or at least make note of the amperage and the length of the old one, also it must be a slow blow or time delay type. Nigel
  7. Where you are located and contact info might help. Good luck with the sale and enjoy your retirement. Nigel
  8. Thanks for stating your position Mark. I know APQS is not afraid of being compared to the competition but I don’t see anything that makes me think this anything more than a competitor advertising on your forum. Nigel
  9. Peach click on Daniel’s screen name and you will see a way to send a message. That will go straight to his email. Works for most online forums. Nigel
  10. Maybe tell prospective buyers where you are and contact info might help you sell your machine. Nigel
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