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  1. This member hasn’t been on the forum in several months. Try clicking on their screen name and you will see an option to send them a message. That will go to their email. I don’t now why people post things for sale without contact info and don’t check back on their posts. Nigel
  2. I think you are referring to quilt as you go. There seems to be a couple of different methods so do a google search and some reading. Here is one I found. It would be nice if you can post pictures if you have a go. It may help someone else down the road. Nigel
  3. Welcome to the forum. On the APQS main page you will see a support tab and under that you will find service videos. Many will apply to the Ultimate 1 as well. One of the most common service items are the thread guides, they will get a groove worn into them and then start breaking or shredding thread. Easy to check, grab the thread above and below the guide and drag it in a circle around the inside of the guide. The thread will catch if the guide is worn. Then just loosen the guide and turn upside down and retighten until you get new ones. Nigel
  4. Agree with all above. The thread will sink into that backing and be almost invisible when you are done so why fight with King Tut in the bobbin. Start by loosening the bobbin tension so that when you lift the tail the bobbin case stands on edge in your hand but doesn’t lift. That will get the bobbin very close to ideal and then adjust the top tension to balance. As said above King Tut can be difficult for many but looks spectacular when you get it right. Nigel
  5. APQS still has them on their site. We had both types when we had our machines but the steel ones wouldn’t wind on the Turbo Winder. No problem winding the aluminum ones on the old style winder though. Nigel
  6. Here you go
  7. Good point Jim. On the other hand the IntelliQuilter Yahoo Group is open to anyone to join, just like this APQS site, I don’t know why the Quilt Path is different and only on Facebook. Draggingbutt you might want to talk to Angela at as she is both an APQS and IQ dealer. She will be one of the few people who can demonstrate both computer systems. The APQS quilting machines themselves have been quit reliable and when something does go wrong the factory can send you detailed instructions to fix it at home so you can get back to work quickly. The couple of times I had issues with my Intelliquilter I filled out a support ticket on line and a dealer would contact me within a couple of hours. Actually the selling dealer is supposed to give you support for the first year but the others would freely jump in if needed. Nigel
  8. Angie In your original post hit “edit” at the bottom delete all your text and pictures and type in sold and then save and that should stop people from contacting you about it. I don’t think you can completely remove the post. Nigel
  9. Jim is probably the most knowledgeable person on the forum when it come to Ultimate II’s and their tables. When you get setup contact him through private message he has some ideas on improving the wooden table. Nigel
  10. Occasionally they come up for sale but they are usually expensive to ship. Maybe a local welder or machinist can take off one end cut down the length and weld the end back on. Then you would need to make or buy new leaders. Should be pretty cost effective. Nigel
  11. I think that is the original Lenni table. You could call the factory and see if they have a used table the correct length for you. I’m sure a new table will be cost prohibitive. Also it shouldn’t be too hard to shorten your table if you know someone mechanically inclined. Nigel
  12. Intellistitch and Intelliquilter aftermarket stitch regulator and computer guided system.
  13. Remove the bobbin, get a flashlight and rotate the flywheel by hand and have a good look at the hook assembly. Sometimes the piece get stuck in there but most times it is either in the quilt or on the floor. My experience anyway. If you can’t find it you will the next time you walk barefoot in your studio. Most times breaking a needle is no big deal install a new one and carry on. Some people have had to reset the needle bar height (timing) but mine always stitched fine after I broke a needle. It is possible to put a nick in the hook assembly as well and that will cause thread breaks and shredding. Don’t worry about the possibilities install a new needle and see what happens. Nigel
  14. Cee K Take the bobbin out and put one drop of oil right where the grey and chrome pieces meet at the bottom and then run the machine for a few seconds to distribute the oil. If you are looking from the top you will see the groove in the chrome that the grey basket sits in and that is where you are trying to get oil at the bottom. We always used good quality threads and I only took the needle plate off once or twice per year when doing a real good service, same time as I check motor brushes and have the side cover off to lube the hopping foot. Nigel
  15. Put one drop of oil in the hook right where the basket and the hook meet and then see if the noise is better. That should be part of your routine each day you use the machine anyway. Nigel