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  1. Have you checked to make sure your leaders are square?
  2. dbams

    Bobbin tension

    If your bobbin thread is pulling to the top, you need to loosen, not tighten, your top tension. Also, make sure your quilt is not too tight on your frame. Do you have a Towa bobbin tension gauge? That really made getting then tension right a lot easier for me.
  3. I agree with Jim. If I only need a straight stitch, I take my Featherweight. For anything else, I have to lug my "youngest" machine, my 1984 Bernina 930, and it is HEAVY!
  4. dbams

    Baby quilt

    Love it!! That's a very lucky baby.
  5. Proof that quilting really does make the quilt. GREAT job!!
  6. Thanks for sharing this picture, Connie!
  7. dbams


    WOW! Just WOW!
  8. LOVE your paisley feathers!!
  9. dbams

    Zoe the Zebra

    LOVE it! You and Salli are a great team!
  10. Thank you, Connie, for starting this discussion! I, too, prefer the Forum to FB. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Forum members who seem to have switched to the "We Love APQS" FB page, because I see them posting there, but not here. I do think that because this topic was posted here, the response will be skewed towards the Forum over FB, simply because the FB users won't see it. Mary Beth, I know exactly what you mean about being doubtful of the quality of answers on FB, or a bunch of people posting the same answer because they can't be bothered to read the previous responses. Definitely have to take some advice with a hefty grain of salt. It definitely feels like the posts to this Forum have become more about selling machines (mostly non-APQS) than about quilting. I know I have been "guilty" of not posting pictures, etc. here (or to FB!), but maybe if we all make a bit more effort to post here, the Forum will be revitalized.
  11. dbams

    Top Thread Breaking

    You said it is winter and very dry. Have you tried Sewer's Aid on your thread? Do you have the correct size needle for the thread you are using? When you rethreaded, did you pull the thread out and completely start over? Double checked your thread path? Made sure your top tension is not too tight? Let us know what happens!
  12. Fabulous! You certainly put the information you learned to excellent use. Congratulations!
  13. Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing, Libby.