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  1. Are you sure you put the needle in correctly? What machine do you have?
  2. ascis, you are likely to get more responses by starting a new post with your question, rather than adding on to an eight year old post. You can ask you dealer for this information, too. Good luck with your new machine!
  3. Well, after lots of thought, I went with my Circle Lord Jester boards. I really like how it looks, and so do my daughter and son-in-law!
  4. Lora, sorry no one has answered yet. I don't know how to fix this, but I suggest sending an e-mail to service. Good luck!
  5. Barb, editing your post to include the brand of the bobbins and the quantity will help you sell them.
  6. I believe Ultimate 1 machines took "L" bobbins. The "M" bobbin was a relatively new option when I bought my machine in 2011.
  7. Deb, will you be moving your machine yourself, or having movers do it? We moved last year, but less than an hour away, and we moved my machine ourselves. I wrapped the rails in a lot of bubble wrap, as well as the table. The trickiest part was getting everything in my van, and it took us more than one trip. The guy who came out to estimate the moving job looked relieved when I told him we would be moving Emmeline ourselves. Sorry I don't have any advice about using movers. If you are on Facebook, you may want to ask this question there, in the We Love APQS group.
  8. "Lots of stops and starts with concentric circles." Good point, Shana!
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