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  1. Have you tried a bigger needle? I am not familiar with the top thread that you are using but it looks in your pictures as though it is probably about a 40wt so a larger needle may help. Even though you have put a new needle in there are sometimes bad needles in a batch.
  2. I have this one for my Millie I am having difficulty getting the link to post. Go to the website and check under machine accessories. Be aware that this site can sometimes be very slow to fill orders.
  3. I bought one of these to replace my old iron. I have been pleased with it. It produces lots of steam and doesn't leak. It does not have an auto off function so once it has heated up it stays hot ready for use.
  4. The size. The M bobbin holds more thread than the L bobbin.
  5. Try using a thread net over the cone. Also soak a small piece of batting in mineral oil and place the batting in the thread guide above the cone. Hope that this will help.
  6. Another beauty! I hope that is going into a show. It is meant to be drooled over.
  7. Amazing quilting. Congratulations on being juried into the show.
  8. HI joy, This what I found, there is an e-mail at the bottom of the page. I haven't heard anything of Michael recently either. I hope that all is well with him.
  9. Ron and Sharon, the couple that owned R & S retired and sold their business to Urban Elementz if I remember correctly. The majority of the boards that R & S sold were designs from Urban Elementz designers so it is logical that they acquired the business.
  10. Both quilts are amazing. This one reminds me of one of the beautiful floor designs that can be seen in older historic buildings.
  11. Congratulations on your new Lenni and welcome to the forum. Have fun!
  12. I agree, great colours and wonderful quilting too!