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  1. I have mine plugged into a power strip. I push the switch on the bobbin winder into the on position, hang onto the thread and then turn the power strip on. It works like a charm. I struggled with using the winder before I thought of the power strip.
  2. srichardson

    Quilts for my Sisters

    Two beautiful quilts. Lucky sisters!

    1. cvbfdgr54


  4. srichardson


    Love it!
  5. srichardson

    Just got my Lenni

    Welcome to the forum Irene. Have fun with your new Lenni!
  6. srichardson

    Bernina 790 plus opinions

    Bonnie, Have you checked the reviews on There are four reviews on there. You may have to set up a user name and password to view the older reviews. I think that you can see reviews newer than six months without setting up an account.
  7. srichardson

    Serial # on APQS Freedom

    On my Millie the serial number is on a small label at the back of the throat.
  8. It is possible to get a bad needle. Try changing to another new one and see if that helps. I have never had an entire pack be a problem but I suppose it could happen.
  9. Jim, Lawn is a type of fabric. It is lighter weight than quilting cotton. A description from Cotton Lawn is a lightweight, breathable fabric with a smooth texture. This fabric is perfect for lightweight tops, dresses, and skirts that are perfect for spring and summer. Due to the lightweight nature of the fabric, you might want to consider adding a lining to your garment.
  10. Welcome to the forum. I haven't used a lawn fabric in quilts. I think it might be a little on the lightweight side and may not hold up in the long term. I wouldn't be too concerned about the needle ripping the fabric. You can indeed use a smaller needle. Try a sample and see what happens.
  11. srichardson

    Used Millie

    Hi Carol, APQS machines are industrial machines and are built to last. I can't honestly say that I have read anything about any specific year having issues. Unlike cars!! I don't have a Quilt Path so I can't comment on that. I don't think that you can go wrong with an APQS. If you are concerned about the cost of replacement parts should the machine need any check out the online store As with anything there will be some maintenance items that will need replacement occasionally.
  12. srichardson

    Stitch regulator stitch length

    I had that problem with my Millie. Jim is correct, it involved replacing a board.
  13. Have you dropped your bobbin case? If you have one try a different bobbin case and see if that helps. What happens if you use a bobbin that you have wound rather than a pre wound? If it is just one batch of pre wounds that you having trouble with it is possible that they may be at fault. The bobbin spring does need to be removed if you are using the magnetic FilTec bobbins.
  14. srichardson


    Have you tried contacting one of the APQS reps in the UK? You could also send an e-mail to the service department in the U.S. and try to get help that way. I had a similar issue with my 2008 Millie and if I remember correctly it required a board to be replaced. If that is the case it is something that you can do yourself, it wasn't a big deal to install. Welcome to the forum.