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  1. I probably have some somewhere! If I remember correctly it was for use in clothing.
  2. Have you spoken to Superior? They usually stand behind what they sell.
  3. Have you tried adjusting the number 8 screw? Check your manual for the location. I don't have Quilt Path so I don't know if that would have any effect on the needle up and down. Usually it just take a little adjustment now and then to the screw.
  4. This video may help. I intended to post the link but the video decided to pop up! Also try reading the parts about machine direction and needle flex. Hope this helps.
  5. Pleased to hear that you are up and running again!
  6. I have mine plugged into a power strip. I push the switch on the bobbin winder into the on position, hang onto the thread and then turn the power strip on. It works like a charm. I struggled with using the winder before I thought of the power strip.

    1. cvbfdgr54


  8. Welcome to the forum Irene. Have fun with your new Lenni!
  9. Bonnie, Have you checked the reviews on There are four reviews on there. You may have to set up a user name and password to view the older reviews. I think that you can see reviews newer than six months without setting up an account.