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  1. I finally did finish it. And Shana is right; it was the backing because it was homespun loose woven stuff. But I changed to Quilters Dream BLACK poly so all went great after that. On a side note, I used it on a set of placemats and the backing was RJR Thimbleberries from a long time ago. I had the same problem!
  2. I've got POKIES!! I hate pokies. I thought it was me, but this is the second quilt with them. The first was for me; just placemat. This one is a customer and it's homespun front and BACK! I'm using Hobbs 80/20. It used to be wonderful; not so much anymore!! So i'm thinking of taking out two rows and using Quilters Dream Blend. Shoulda known!!
  3. Sharon, your blog is wonderful! Very pretty quilts! And your DH is a complete HOOT!!
  4. I think Lora is right Connie! You are too young! And thank you for your service! Many times over!
  5. I thought we weren't supposed to wax?? Just wipe with a soft cloth. I think that is what Dawn said. I have a 2009 Millie and once in a great while I'll clean with some rubbing alcohol; the other kind I drink! hahaha
  6. I buy thin Pellon by the bolt at Joann's with a coupon and just iron it on the back of the T-shirts. I've done more than 30 T-shirt quilts this way. Works like a charm!
  7. Just an FYI. I bought a mini roll of Legacy 80/20 or 70/30?? Anyway, I'm almost finished with the 9 yards, and I found a small little worm in it. I've kept it wrapped in the plastic sleeve it came in; and I've never found any worms in any other parts/places in my studio. It was dead and crunchy. ............no, I didn't bite it; I just stepped on it to make sure it was dead and there was a crunch!! Now, I have nuthin against worms for fishin' BUT STAY OUT OF MY BATTING!!!:P
  8. Kay, I live your new avatar! You are a babe!!!
  9. Gammill heads are made in Taiwan, I think; APQS is made entirely in Iowa. Both have great customer service, I've heard. I know FOR SURE APQS does!!! Statler is specific for Gammill (again, I think); Compuquilter and Intelliquilt fit to several different brands of machines. MQBM ( Machine Quilters Business Manager) all the way for software!!
  10. I did tea stain a whole quilt. The problem is it washes out after time. Mine is now back to the original colors of 7 or 8 years ago!!:o
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