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  1. I am quilting a beautiful applique quilt. It has nice, soft, multi color batik backing. The background of the squares is beige- like neutral. She provided an inexpensive cotton batting. I have many, many, tiny pokies all through the backing. I have changed the needle three times. Each time going to a smaller, new needle. I am using Bottom Line and So Fine in Salute and Beach. I have never had such a mess!! She wants to enter the quilt in a show. Help! ! Is there anything I can put on the back(pencil or pen wise) to camoflauge the pokies on the back?
  2. I have been playing with ruler work. I like the results but find it very time consuming as I have to mark most of it in advance to loading the quilt. It takes me a lot longer to quilt using mostly rulers to guide my stitching. How does one charge for this kind of quilting? I can't imagine any of the folks I quilt for paying what I think I should get for all on the time and work involved.
  3. I have a friend who always buys wide backing at a local large well known craft and fabric store. The backing has been more like cheese cloth than nice fabric. I, too, have used smaller needles and thinner threads to quilt them. I have spent a lot of time marking the pokies on the back with a permanent marker. I like it when she brings me light colored or patterned backings. She is a new quilt maker and I don't think she could piece her backs without some assistance. I may have to have a chat with her.
  4. I mark my bobbin cases 1,2, or 3, with a permanent marker. Number 1 being Bottom Line, 2- So Fine, 3- whatever else I may use. Each threaded bobbin goes into appropriate case with bobbinsI am not using. Works great for me. If I forget what I have in the machine, I can look at the number on the bobbin case.
  5. I have a panto that is a diagonol design. I do it really badly. I have done two quilts with it. I haven't gotten any better at it. I don't have Bliss. I like the design but I need to find another way to be able to do it.
  6. I am quilting a quilt with several flags in it. The flags are about 12 x 16". I would like to enter it in a show, Do I stitch in the ditch along the stripes and around the star blocks, hoping I can do it well or do I just quilt, as I so far have done, the curvy lines in the stripes and the design in the stars? If I stitch in the ditch and the stitching is not all perfect, won't count off for that? Thanks for your help. Jan