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  1. I mark my bobbin cases 1,2, or 3, with a permanent marker. Number 1 being Bottom Line, 2- So Fine, 3- whatever else I may use. Each threaded bobbin goes into appropriate case with bobbinsI am not using. Works great for me. If I forget what I have in the machine, I can look at the number on the bobbin case.
  2. I have a panto that is a diagonol design. I do it really badly. I have done two quilts with it. I haven't gotten any better at it. I don't have Bliss. I like the design but I need to find another way to be able to do it.
  3. I am quilting a quilt with several flags in it. The flags are about 12 x 16". I would like to enter it in a show, Do I stitch in the ditch along the stripes and around the star blocks, hoping I can do it well or do I just quilt, as I so far have done, the curvy lines in the stripes and the design in the stars? If I stitch in the ditch and the stitching is not all perfect, won't count off for that? Thanks for your help. Jan