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  1. Sorry to be so slow to respond, life gets in the way sometimes! Did you find a ruler base yet? I still have this one!
  2. Do you know if the lifetime warranty goes with it? Did you use this for business or pleasure? Questions, questions!!!
  3. Is this still available? May I ask why you are selling? Looks like a nice machine!
  4. Hartley Ruler base with thread cutter for sale. My Millie is a 2005. Never really used it as I bought another base. A few scratches but completely ready to use. I’ll include the small ruler that came with it. New these are $170. I’d like $80 and whatever shipping might be.
  5. I have a Set of 5 of Lisa Calle’s Proline rulers. Have a look at her website for a video of how these work. I’ve never used them, only opened 2 of the packages. You can email me at tammyjvb@gmail.com 1”, 1/2”, 1/4”, 1/8”, & 1/16”. $75 includes shipping.
  6. Anyone have a turbo bobbin winder that they aren’t needing? I’m selling my Bernina that I had used to wind my own bobbins. Love the prewounds but sometimes it’s handy to wind your own! Thanks! Tammy
  7. Kathy are these still available? Thanks, Tammy
  8. Hello! I hope you have sold your machine, but just in case you haven’t, would you be willing to sell the bobbin winder separately? Is it the turbo winder? If not, I completely understand since it is kind of a package deal. I live in KC so we wouldn’t have to bother with shipping. Beautiful machine that someone will be lucky to get! Thank you, Tammy. tammyjvb@gmail.com
  9. Would you be willing to sell the bobbin winder separately if you still have the machine for sale? Thank you, Tammy tammyjvb@gmail.com
  10. Hi All! Two quilts I’ve gotten lately have me really puzzled. I think it’s the fact that some backings(usually the 108”) don’t play nice with Hobbs 80/20. I’ve changed needles as well as batches of needles and made sure the batting was loaded properly. Not only have I gotten a lot of pokies but each stitch turns the fibers over to expose the white underside of the backing fabric. The tension is good and I don’t have the layers rolled too tightly. It’s embarrassing to ask the client for new backing. I’m wondering if some of this backing is just so loosely woven. It seems like my Hobbs batting on the roll is becoming a little inconsistent in quality as well. Am I doing something wrong? Has anyone else had this problem? Does washing the quilt help? Thanks for your feedback! Tammy
  11. It seems like each has its place but this forum just seems to be family. I've followed it for years and you kinda grow attached to folks here. I usually just read and don't post but I hope to do better. Without this forum I doubt that I would be Longarming. Many great gals and guys here to share their expertise. I'd love to see it back the way it was!
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