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  1. No issues with putting the machines on the second floor. Ensure your table is level. Being on the second floor should not cause vibrations.
  2. Shana, I agree you have to be careful due to trolls etc. I couldn't read the post your were referring to but I know they are here. I usually look really close at the number of posts the person has submitted and the topic title before answering something. The forum isn't what it used to be, most members and new owners have migrated to the Facebook Group but I still love the forum. I find the "search" element to be easy to use. I miss the closeness this group had too. I get lost on Facebook, here this minute gone the next, LOL.
  3. I love my Oliso Pro 1600 iron. It does a great job and I love the ITOUCH TECHNOLOGY (Scorchguards lower with the touch of your hand and lifts when you have stopped ironing, preventing burns, scorching and tipping). The only problem I've had with it, is when using other brands of irons, I tend to forget to prop them upright. I got around 5 years out of my first one before it began to leak water. I'm been wanting to try the Reliable Velocity 200IR Iron recommended by Fons and Porter and American Quilters Society but haven't. I can't seem to give up my Oliso. If you want a heavy iron, you can't go wrong with an old model Black and Decker. I have one that I never put water in, when I want to iron something with positively no steam. PS: I'm not a Rowenta fan because of the expense and leaks.
  4. Have you tried cleaning your table with alcohol or windex (no ammonia type)? Clean your wheels also, check for hidden threads in and around the wheels. I'm trying to visualize where your problem is?
  5. Mine had her own room on the second floor for 6 years, not one problem. If you can get the frame upstairs, you'll be good to go. Mine set on carpet, don't know about others here.
  6. I agree with Shana. Save yourself to quilt another day. Do you have a set of rules for customers? It's a good rule of thumb to add your requirements to the invoice or contract when you accept the customer's quilts.
  7. Hi Pat, It's hard to see if the canvas has stretched or after years of rolling become off square. It's probably time for new canvas leaders. I have a 2009 Millie and mine is the same, I'm getting ready to change them out. If you go to the online store, parts and notions and search canvas, it will come up. The price isn't bad and well worth your sanity.
  8. How old are your canvas leaders? The leaders can/do stretch over the years. One side may have stretched more than the other. This would cause your quilt to roll uneven. Most of the time the canvas stretch cannot be seen with your naked eyes. If you have zippers on your leaders, zip them together and roll a few times forward and backwards. You can also zip them together an roll fairly tight, spritz with water and let dry. There's probably a "how to" on this website, I'll try looking for it when I get home from work. I'm sure others will chime in with this idea. Oh no zippers, you can pin. New leaders are also reasonably priced in the APQS store but try correcting the ones you have first.
  9. What year is your Millie and is it on a Bliss track? This info will help with replies.
  10. You can use the water or air soluble markers. The water soluble usually have blue ink and the air soluble usually has purple. DO NOT IRON over these soluble marks or they become permanent. If you live in a high humidity area the air markers may disappear to fast for you. Have you tried using the white chalk and turn on your black light? Sometimes we forget most APQS machines come with black light. I use the gray chalk marker on most items I have to mark. Stay away from the yellow, pink and blue chalks, they do not wash out. I also use the Crayola washable markers (like you buy for kids) but test that the color I use will wash out (put it on test scrap fabric and rub out with a paper towel or wash cloth). The Crayola markers are a lot cheaper than sewing markers but as I stated test before you use on the quilt. Hope this helps.
  11. Check with The Grace Company, they make some generic frames.
  12. That's a lot of "no sew zones", beautiful quilt and quilting.