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  1. I love strip quilts!!!! Love your pattern.
  2. Congrats, you are well on your way to greatness!!!! Don't forget to breath every now and then.
  3. I agree with Gail, $25/$30 per t-shirt as a minimum. Size of the blocks will depend on the writing/pictures on the shirt. 12-14 inch is a good size to work with.
  4. Have her advertise here and on the APQS FB Group, she might be able to trade tables with someone wanting a longer one. Post the length of the table and if it is blissed or not (probably not). Location of the table too. The table trades seem to happen fairly often.
  5. APQS made a batting bar for the older tables at one time but I no longer see it as an available item. I thought this forum members PVC idea was great. It looks easy to make, thrifty and moveable. The bars attached to your frame can be tricky to load bolts of batting on it. You can go to the forum search and put in "batting bar", you will see many ideas.
  6. What a wonderful story. The only friends some of us have are the ones here. I suffer from major depression and PTSD and many that I have met here gave me words of encouragement when needed . I feel a little sad that many are now on the Facebook site, which doesn't seem as personal as here.
  7. Watch the timing videos on you tube, you can do it!!!!
  8. Are you talking about Quilt Path? If not Quilt Path check your Millie's fuses.
  9. I baste the top, sides and bottom as I go. I float all my quilts. If I'm doing custom, I will do like quiltmonkey and use corsage pins to baste around the area I'm working. Hand quilters will have us longarmers baste their quilts to save them the time of pin basting.
  10. I prefer red snappers over leader grips.
  11. What year is the machine? Is 02217 the machines serial number?
  12. Due to the magnet in the prewound bobbin the drop test doesn't apply. I've never had to adjust my bobbin tension with the magna-glides or classics.
  13. Ditto on Mary Beth winning the new Millie. She has been a loyal APQS quilter and goes out of her way to help others!!!!