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  1. Connie, Barb answered you on FB. She has a business in WA. ConnieW here
  2. Love it, the perfect pattern for a girlie quilt.
  3. Wow, wow, wow. That is a lot of work but beautiful. Were you dizzy after finishing it, lol.
  4. Beautiful quilting, love the modified cross hatch.
  5. Beautiful but have no idea what pattern it is.
  6. Sorry, I missed your post earlier. I do a ton of quilting around embroidery and applique. I machine baste the sides then use pins around the areas I'm working on and remove them as I finish the area. I float my quilts, so I also have pvc clamps to hold the bottom of my sandwich firm on the roller it's draping. However, it sounds like your not floating the quilt. Sorry Jim, I never heard of using safety pins on our longarms, not to say it wouldn't work. I would think small safety pins would roll fine. Amy (APQS educator) suggests using the flower pins, they are very flexible but be careful of getting stabbed by them.
  7. Great job and explanation of what you accomplished!!!
  8. They can be ordered from this websites online store: Parts and Notions / CANVAS or contact your nearest Dealer/Retailer.
  9. $10,000 is a steal, someone should grab this machine up!!!!
  10. DJ, what type of thread are you using and size of your needle?
  11. Are your leaders square or have they stretched (doesn't take a whole lot)? Quilting right to left then left to right is a great practice if you are comfortable going both ways. I will be back to check on you all tomorrow.
  12. Wow, Corey beautiful. One look at it and I didn't even have to ask about its story, the colors and designs talk!!!!
  13. I want it!!!! Beautiful job and in one of my favorite colors.
  14. Did you post a pic, I don't see one?