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  1. What year is the machine? Is 02217 the machines serial number?
  2. Due to the magnet in the prewound bobbin the drop test doesn't apply. I've never had to adjust my bobbin tension with the magna-glides or classics.
  3. Gator


    Ditto on Mary Beth winning the new Millie. She has been a loyal APQS quilter and goes out of her way to help others!!!!
  4. Sarah it's a small world. Sorry to hear you are selling your Millie, but I hope it sells quickly.
  5. Gator


    beautiful, love brite colors
  6. Gator


    I just hope someone we know wins it!!!!
  7. I use the 4.0, it's what our machines are timed to. Never had a problem yet (knock on wood).
  8. Gator

    Crazy Machine

    What year is your machine? Have you checked the needle up/down speed adjustment? Burning smell, call customer service, they will help.
  9. Gator

    Gros Beckert needles

    I understand and agree with you. Hopefully, someone can use the needles, it's a great price. I think it's been way over 2 years since the Singer/Gros Beckert transition. If you have Facebook, I would post your note there too. I love this forum best but there seems to be more followers on the "We love APQS Group".
  10. Gator

    Gros Beckert needles

    Jim, I'm old and my memory isn't great but wasn't there a problem with the early versions of Gros Beckert long arm needles right after Singer quit making long arm needles? I ever think there was an article on here about it but can't find it. I tried to do a search but couldn't find it. I agree we need more info on the needles.
  11. Babylock:Consumer Hotline: 1-800-313-4110 I have Brother machines and those needle pieces go everywhere even where you can't find them. I don't know much about the Cornet or Brother longarm but you have probably knocked it out of time and may have damaged/jammed the bobbin mechanism. I would contact Babylock directly, our APQS machines are fairly easy to do maintenance on them and the company respects our work even with respect to the warranty. However, any work you do on your own with the Babylock may void it's warranty, so I would call the company first.
  12. Gator

    T-shirt quilt

    What a treasure!!! I love how you placed the t-shirts and added the prefect quilting design.
  13. Gator

    sunflower quilt

    Another WOW!