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  1. Hi, did you get the info you needed for a Millie. I haven't been in the forum for awhile. Are you close to Michigan or Indiana? I'm in Michigan, 2 hours from OH. There's some dealers closer.
  2. I don't know anything about compuquilter but Zoltan at Intelliquilter now services them. There is one guy quilter on here who knows a lot about the compuquilter also, hopefully he will chime in.
  3. I use glide thread top and bottom not problems. Do you ask your customers where they bought the minkie? There are some really terrible copycats out there. I have problems with the cheap brands. I prefer "cuddle" over minkie, it comes out perfect every time.
  4. good point Nigel, thank you
  5. Just put "red snappers" in the search block and you will see a lot of opinions, just be sure to scroll through for what you are looking for. The search will bring up all things red. I love my red snappers, I would never go without them.
  6. Great idea Mercedes, I never thought about a car cover. Most car covers are water repellant too. My Millie is in the basement and I always worry about the water pipes over her.
  7. Hummmm, I have never heard of cashmere batting so I don't have an answer. You may have to take the quilt apart and replace the batting. Hopefully, someone will have an answer.
  8. IMAWARD, what year and model is your machine? Just asking because the older machines have a wooden brake and the new ones have a metal one. The info above is good advice.
  9. It's hard to add everything to your quilt business name. I do quilting, longarming, professional embroidery, vinyl heat transfer and a few more. I gave up on a name with everything, it's impossible. I would pick the one you want to focus on for your business name and list the other things under the name on your business card, website or FB Group.
  10. Yes, Dawn has retired. Her and her husband are moving on to other adventures. She'll be doing some education stuff but nothing on the front line. I think she posted something on you tube.
  11. Personally I would leave the starch in the shirts. I starch all my quilting fabric. When piecing the fabric holds its shape better, less shrinkage, etc. As far as becoming a wrinkled mess when the quilt is washed, it depends on many factors? What was the shirts made out of, cotton, polyester, silk, etc? What type of batting are you planning on using? Are you quilting it dense or light, this will probably be the main factor in how much it wrinkles. If the batting is made out of the same type of fabrics, you should be able to wash the quilt like you would the shirts. It's a quilt so after washing it should have texture. I doubt you want it to look like a heavily starched shirt. You would want it to be cuddly? Just my thoughts.
  12. Hummm, tough one, they carry a lot of brands. Hobbs Heirloom, Warm and Natural, Pellon and a lot of off brands. Try going to JoAnn's website and search batting, you might recognize it there. When buying batting check the loft, some of it is for hand quilting. Most of the yardage batting is also carried in the packages. Happy shopping!
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