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  1. Gator

    Disappearing Stitches

    Great job! Stitching shows great.
  2. Wow, just beautiful and so cute.
  3. beautiful, great choice of patterns
  4. Gator

    Can't get tension adjusted

    How old is the fabric? It could be the fabric has a loose weave. Check how taunt you have the sandwich rolled. You may need a new upper tension spring. Have your tried different bobbins or did the bobbin check. Just a few questions going through my head.
  5. What a "cool" quilt. Love the lettering, you did a great job.
  6. Gator


    Very nice, love the flow of the design and pattern together.
  7. How cute, great choice of quilting designs.
  8. Love seeing mother and daughter quilts. Just makes me wish I had a daughter!
  9. Which ever way you go, get the LED lights. They are more expensive than the others but well worth it in the long run. Fluorescent gives lots of folks headaches and sometimes casts shadows. Halogen and regular light bulbs give off to much heat to stand under?
  10. Gator

    Dresden Plate

    Libby, beautiful job!
  11. wenflo, welcome to the forum. Where do you live and what type of service are you looking for, custom, edge to edge, etc. Do you want the price of batting and backing included or are you providing? What size is the quilt? One of us might live near to you so you could avoid shipping charges.
  12. Gator


    Congrats Georgene, please join us here on the Forum.
  13. Libby, beautiful quilting as always!
  14. Call APQS, they need to know what happened to you! They will be able to adjust your account.
  15. Gator

    Looking for a pattern

    Darn, wish that was the pattern. I pray that you will be able to find it. You are a very dear friend.
  16. Gator

    Looking for a pattern

    Could this be the pattern you are looking for. I found two with that title? This is made with moda fabrics. I'll catch the second on if this isn't it. Fingers crossed, Connie
  17. Great job. The meander is a good choice for a quilt mixture. I would have done anything to get it quilted for her too, I to pray that I'm still quilting at 93. The quilt just says "love".
  18. Gator

    leaders not straight

    I wish I was near enough to come help you! I live in Michigan. Use your own judgment on how far to roll them out to check the leaders for a straight roll. As you roll them out check the edges to see if they are evenly lined up, if they look like they are overlapping or under lapping the previous roll, keep going until you see an even edge again then re-roll. Sorry, hard to explain in writing.
  19. Gator

    APQS Batting Bar Install

    Great job! It looks a lot easier than the old table's batting bar.
  20. Gator

    leaders not straight

    APQS does a great job at ensuring the leaders are square. Before taking anything apart, unroll and re-roll your leaders watch to see that the ends (sides) of the leaders are rolling straight. The side seams should lay nicely on top of each other as you roll them on the take up roller. Leaders can roll uneven if you don't keep an eye on them. If everything is rolled correctly, then measure them. Remember, you can always contact APQS support for answers also. Anything is possible but when I find one side sagging more then the other, it's usually the way I rolled them, forgot my side clamps or my curtain rods under the side clamp elastic.