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  1. Yes, I did. I've not been able to sell my new Amara yet, so I can't buy a Millie until I do. Hopefully it will sell very soon. It's a new machine and lots of attachments that someone would pay over $18,000 for if they bought it from a dealer and I'm only asking $13,500.
  2. I've always wanted an APQS Millie, I love the idea of having a bigger throat space. My Amara hasn't been registered yet and therefore whoever buys it will get to register it in their name and have a full warranty. I was selling this new in box, but I had to set it up because I had to get a couple of quilts done. The Amara runs perfectly, no issues whatsoever. I just wish I hadn't been talked into buying it, when what I really wanted and still want is a Millie.
  3. Those sound like some great improvements. You are all making this an easier choice for me. I just checked out the link, Thank you!!! Now I'm excited!
  4. Honestly I'm not sure, it's a demo, I was told it was a 2020. What are the differences? Better differences I hope.
  5. I'm very familiar with APQS' reputation as I used to own an Ult. ll, it was around 20 years old when I sold it and it's still running, but it didn't have a stitch regulator and I wanted the ability to step up my quilting and couldn't do it without one. My dream machine was a Millie, but I let a local quilt shop talk me into an HQ Amara, which I had nothing but problems with and the dealer up and closed shop. HQ has been outstanding in dealing with the issue and that is why I have a brand new machine sitting in my quilting room and I'm selling it so that the new owner can have the full warranty on it. Otherwise there would have already been an APQS Freedom or Millie down there, the issue now is that I kind of like some of the features of the Amara that the Millie doesn't have and I'm going to go back into a lot more debt getting the Millie. I'm going to lose about $3,000 in accessories with the Amara that can't be used with the Millie, so I'll have to re purchase the hopping feet and extra bobbin cases all over again, so once I do that and add the side thread holder were adding an additional $500 on top of the already $20,000. That's all kind of scary to me. BTW the Amara without the handlebars, tablet or carriage weighs between 60-70 lbs. It's a very heavy machine, but it does glide quite nicely on the table, surprisingly easy and smooth.
  6. Not really. I've been working with Angela Huffman in Ky. however I live in Ohio and it's about a 5 hour drive each way. I went there over 3 years ago, but at the time I was comparing the machine to an ULT. ll , I'm now using an HQ Amara, which I love the bells and whistles (but they don't have a lifetime warranty, it's 10 years, but labor is only a year), My dream machine has always been a Millie, but I'm giving up a lot of bells and whistles that I love on the Amara like the side thread stand, it's really nice not to have to walk around to the back of the machine every time I want to change the thread. I like having the digital display so that I know where my manual tension is set at and I can perfectly dial the tension to the thread that I'm using without second guessing. I like the batting hammock. dimmable lights, dual load frame and being able to move the handle in multiple directions, not only up and down, but I can move them in a veridical position to alleviate wrist strain, But I love APQS' lifetime warranty and I know that I can retime the machine myself if need be and I don't have to take it to a dealer 50 miles away (Like the HQ, which is a sealed unit) and pay to have it retimed if something happens . I'll be giving up the programmable micro stitich lock feature, all the accessories that I already have for the Amara, I'll have to repurchase the ones for the Millie, which will take the price up even more, . So although I know that APQS has quality machines and outstanding customer service, not to mention a lifetime warranty, It' is A LOT of money and I want to make the best decision. Here's the way my husband summed it up, it's like having a Ford escort with all the bells and whistles compared to a Cadillac with very little bells and whistles. Some of the bells and whistles are just that bells and whistles, but some are very nice. No easy answer I guess.
  7. I used to own an APQS Ult.ll, I ended up buying an HQ Amara and decided that I would like to go back to APQS and have put money down on an APQS Millie, I was wondering if anyone could answer some questions about the Millie before I purchase it. I know there's lighting over the needle bar area, but is there lighting in the throat of the machine? Is the light dimmable or can it be shut off while using the machine? Also when adjusting the tension is it by feel only or does the machine have a digital reading so that you know exactly where your tension is set and can use those numbers for specific threads. Example, the Amara you turn the tension manually and there's a display that the numbers go up or down depending on which way you turn the tension. I know where my tension needs to be set at for what type of threads that I'm using. One last question the alarms for thread break or low bobbin, can they be shut off?
  8. I have a new Handi Quilter Amara long arm with lots of extras for sale
  9. I'll check into that. I'd never heard of it before. Thank you.
  10. How does the cotton wash up? Do you lose the trapunto look? I recently did a test piece with 80/20 on the back and 100% poly on the front and washed the sample piece on a delicate cold water cycle and I lost the trapunto look.
  11. I'm allergic to wool, but I've always wanted to make a whole cloth quilt with the trapunto look on my longarm, what is a good alternative to wool?
  12. I had an Ult last and the Hartley from APQS worked perfectly
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