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  1. Does anyone know if there is a wholesale source for Magna-glide bobbins in Canada? Barb
  2. Sometimes turning off the overhead lighting is enough to see the shadows from the thread lines, but I also have lights at either side of my machine that I can angle along the top. They are just those goose neck type, cheap desk lamps that clamp onto things. Barb
  3. Wonderful!! We discovered this trick many years ago...It also came in handy on my home sewing machine when I was using a thin slippery thread, and it kept breaking...tighten the top tension, no more troubles.
  4. Welcome! I am doing the same today. 17 years quilting with our Millenium!
  5. Where can I get locking casters for my Millenium (10yrs old)?
  6. Thank you everyone, for the great ideas. I was a little stumped as the client said no to in the ditch, and wanted "light custom". Onward and upward, off to the machine I go.
  7. anyone quilted one of these? I have three to do.... Moda did a free pattern called Figgy pudding, but the picture won't up load.
  8. We had a new grandbaby on Canada Day!! Barb
  9. Hi all, I read the posts daily, but usually don\'t have too much to say I sewed my baby finger right through with the treadle machine when I was about 4, but it didn\'t scare me away from learning to sew. Both grandmothers sewed clothes out of necessity, and my great-grandma on my mom\'s side was a dress maker. I have been making my own clothes since I was about 11, and kept all the really good scraps to make quilts. Most of the first 20 or so , were tied with yarn and I still have one of those:D Probably because the fabric was cotton poly, and it will be around after I die. I started quilting for real about 15 yrs ago, and got my Millie about 7yrs ago. I still have a full time job doing admin work at a bank, so my husband quilts during the week (pantos) and I work on custom quilts on the weekend. We are still enjoying it!! I was looking for a business that could encorporate my love of quilting-it was a bonus that my hubby enjoys it too. We have 3 kids, one great DIL and a very great granddaugher, with one more due any day!! Greetings from Prince George, Canada
  10. I haven't received any emails for about a week-is this a holiday season break or did I fall off the list? Hope you are still there:)