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  1. I sell wide backing, batting and run a longarm business. I have refused to purchase the cheaper backs, and some Kaufman stuff as it is very loosely woven. As well I do not carry the Hobbs 80 /20 but use Pellon Legacy blended batts. Anytime I get a Hobbs 80/20 from a customer , there is potential for issues. I love the Hobbs Heirloom wool, but not their blended or poly batts. I had a Hobbs poly batt disintegrated to pieces when a customer brought it to be used. Not sure why but it made me cautious.
  2. When quilting, our Millie has suddenly decided not to stop right away when buttons are touched. It does 3 or 4 stitches then stops. Any ideas?
  3. We have been commercially quilting for 20 years with our APQS Millie and the last couple of years I have noticed a problem with the above backs. When minkie first came out with dimples, I didn't notice any issues with quilting, but the last while I get "whiskers" of the fibres showing on the tops of the quilts. It is very noticeable when there is a high contrast between the top and the back. I have pretty muched stopped taking these backs because of the results. I use a quality cotton thread on top and prewound Super Bobs on the bottom. This has been our combo for about 18 years. I tried a poly top thread just to see if it helped , but no change. Has anyone else noticed a problem. Also customers tell me I am the only one with an issue. Barb
  4. Does anyone know if there is a wholesale source for Magna-glide bobbins in Canada? Barb
  5. Sometimes turning off the overhead lighting is enough to see the shadows from the thread lines, but I also have lights at either side of my machine that I can angle along the top. They are just those goose neck type, cheap desk lamps that clamp onto things. Barb
  6. Wonderful!! We discovered this trick many years ago...It also came in handy on my home sewing machine when I was using a thin slippery thread, and it kept breaking...tighten the top tension, no more troubles.
  7. Welcome! I am doing the same today. 17 years quilting with our Millenium!
  8. Where can I get locking casters for my Millenium (10yrs old)?
  9. Thank you everyone, for the great ideas. I was a little stumped as the client said no to in the ditch, and wanted "light custom". Onward and upward, off to the machine I go.
  10. anyone quilted one of these? I have three to do.... Moda did a free pattern called Figgy pudding, but the picture won't up load.