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  1. Connie, I'm looking for the machine, to be able to replace the electronics where the power line comes into the machine we currently have. We have a frame. Thank you! -- Al
  2. Willing to pick up in person. I'm located in West Central Missouri. Photos and history, please. Al
  3. Congratulations! There is no going back now.
  4. Gorgeous! Thank you for the inspiration, Linda - and for the ribbon!!! Al
  5. I fold the binding in half, and apply the iron in one pass. This just barely creates a crease. Then I machine quilt, starting on the back and finishing on the front with a narrow zigzag. Not a show quilter here, just getting it done on my quilts. I would hate to do it by hand, too. Al
  6. Hi. I've been away for a while, doing some serious longarm quilting, and creating some new things. After several days running, I stopped accepting replies on the EQ7 Training Survey, and published the results on my blog. I also attach an image of the summary here. Please let me know if you are interested in the results, or if you interpret differently the results I summarized on my blog post. I am open to others' opinions, as I am not a professional statistician, nor a pollster. I want to share the results of the EQ7 Training Survey I announced a while back here on the forum. Based
  7. Thank you to everyone who has already participated in the survey I started a while ago. Later this week I will publish the results. In the meantime, if you are an EQ7 user, or wonder what it's about, I invite you to participate in the survey, at: http://www.startingtoquilt.com/2015/06/would-love-to-know-your-interests-eq7-survey.html Thank you! Al EQ7 Instructor
  8. Thanks, Heidi. There were wonderful entries - and to win one of the categories is a great achievement. Well done! Al
  9. Congratulations - a wonderful achievement! Al P.S.: I was unable to locate the VT Quilt Show FB page.
  10. Teresa, The Missouri Star Quilt Co. states on their blog for this event: "...While the pattern for our row must be picked up in our shop here in Hamilton, Missouri, ..." The link is: http://blog.missouriquiltco.com/row-by-row-experience-2015/ Al
  11. Response to my Interest Survey for EQ7 on my blog has been excellent. If you have a few minutes, and are interested, please participate. Thank you! Al
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