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  1. Lots of stops and starts with concentric circles. But it would look cool. Have fun, whatever you choose to do
  2. This is really pretty. I love the pattern and I've wanted to make one for myself! If you have circle boards with spirals or swirls, that would look really cool edge to edge. If you're not good with pantos, would you consider doing freehand continuous curve arcs? Personally, if it were me I would do an edge to edge pattern, something spiral or swirly all across the entire quilt with a subtle thread, light gray or off white. Show us the finished quilt!
  3. Neither. I'm a pinner. The only time I use my zippers is if I am working on a heavy custom quilt that I need to zip on and off the frame multiple times. The only other time I use zippers is to put on my large practice sandwich to test out designs or get my memory back on how to quilt something. Otherwise, if it is just a quilt I load one time only, I pin directly to the leaders. It is hassle free, very quick and everything is loaded in less than 10 minutes and I'm quilting away... otherwise, I'm fussing with sewing things to zippers, or snapping things to fabric. Not a fan of the snappers. the
  4. Nancy, I would LOVE TO SEE the final result of your hanky project. It's so good to see your sweet face here again. Miss you! Shana
  5. I have a Millennium since 2006. I do not recommend removing the thread cutter.... Just let it be. The Hartley base will no longer fit if you remove it. I actually like having the thread cutter on there because it gives me a little more "base" for my ruler work if I need to do something small and not install the ruler base.
  6. Honestly, I think the worst thing that we can do is fold up a quilt, put it away in a dark closet and leave it that way because fold lines and fading starts to form and it's hard to get those out over time. If at all possible lay your quilts flat on top of each other on a large bed. If you want to display it, you could hang it on a wall. I would sew a loop along one side and slip a wooden dowel inside and use two mounting brackets on each side to attach the dowel to the wall. Try to avoid mounting on a wall that gets a lot of direct sunlight. Indirect is OK.
  7. I am an equal opportunity appreciator of all kinds, types of threads. You name it, I have it. It's a delicate balance to get the tension just right with each thread, but over time you get it and can really have fun with all kinds of thread. I love to play with metallic thread, rainbows, monofilament, ribbon threads, etc... Depending on the thread, sometimes I need to use more Sewer's Aid, or move up a size on the needle, or loosen the top tension a bit. Practice and play. that is the fun of it all.
  8. What Jim said. Regarding the roller brake -- you can adjust the brakes to your liking; lighter or tighter.
  9. You could use two layers of batting in a quilt. But you can also lay two quilt on top of each other on the bed - that's what I do and the air pockets between the two quilts make a cozy warm bed!
  10. Here's what I would do: Questions: What thread brand and weight are you using? Often times, shredding thread is caused because the eye of the needle is too small for the thread to easily travel through. Isolate the issue by doing several things: First, switch to a larger size needle. Go slower. If that doesn't work, check for a burr in the hole of the needle plate that might be catching the thread. Also try a brand new bobbin and a new bobbin case. These two things have wear and tear over time so it's good to have several spare on hand. Make sure that no stray threads are stuck in the bob
  11. Shut down the machine and do the following: Check your encoder wheels - might need adjusting perhaps cleaning. For routine cleaning maintenance, I wipe out the inside curves of my wheels with a scrap piece of batting or paper towel soaked with rubbing alcohol. Also check that all of your connection cords are all securely in place. Something might have come loose. Turn the machine back on and see if it runs better. If not. call APQS on Monday to troubleshoot. They can help make other adjustments under the hood, or perhaps one of the electrical circuit boards needs to be replace
  12. Need more info. What do you consider "not so expensive" what is your budget?
  13. so glad you were able to resolve this LinneaMarie! Many times, the batting can help hide the pokies.
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