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  1. Gail O

    Disappearing Stitches

    Beauty! You made it sing. All that fretting for nothing.
  2. Gail O

    Needle Breaks

    Make sure you have the needle screw tight. Not just finger tightened but with a screw driver with a long shaft; more torque, more tight.
  3. Great Mother/Daughter collaboration.

    1. cvbfdgr54



    1. cvbfdgr54


  6. Gail O

    Memory Lane

    Beautiful! Your work is always such a pleasure to see. Thank you for sharing Libby!
  7. Gail O


    Beauty! Nice work on the woodgrain.
  8. Beautiful quilt!
  9. Gail O

    Dresden Plate

    Outstanding as always Libby.
  10. Gail O


    Beauty! It will be well loved.
  11. Gail O

    Just got my Lenni

    Welcome! Enjoy this new adventure.
  12. The hole that the needle goes into. If you've ever hit a ruler or broken a needle, the deflection can cause the needle to slightly score the hole in the needle plate. Remove the needle plate (you'll need one of those screwdrivers that has an offset) and pull a small piece of pantyhose through the hold. Run it along the edges on both sides. You'll hear it catch, if there are any nicks. Also a good time to clean the lint out from under the needle plate.