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  1. Gail O


    Beauty! Love the colours. Love the quilting. Love it all!
  2. Gail O

    Crazy Machine

    Might be burning dust, if your machine has been sitting for a long time; or one of the wiring connections. Probably best to call the factory.
  3. Gail O


    Depends on what size table you have. I think the Lenni is available with 8 - 10 or 12 foot tables. Any batting fibre can be used in any machine, just make sure that the batting is suitable longarm quilting.
  4. Gail O

    Looking for a pattern!

    Go to and contact them. Maybe they have the pattern under a different name. Good luck in your search.
  5. Gail O

    sunflower quilt

    Awesome as usual, Terry!
  6. Gail O

    New Art Quilt

    Thank you for sharing your construction process, Teresa. Beautiful job on all the different fills. Hope it brings home a ribbon.
  7. Awesome quilt Kathy!
  8. Gail O

    Disappearing Stitches

    Beauty! You made it sing. All that fretting for nothing.
  9. Gail O

    Needle Breaks

    Make sure you have the needle screw tight. Not just finger tightened but with a screw driver with a long shaft; more torque, more tight.
  10. Great Mother/Daughter collaboration.