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  1. Good looking and useful . . . . clamp supports and DH.
  2. I noticed on another thread that you were asking about a quilt that was quilted by Kaye. You could trying contacting her and see if she can get you any info on the pattern. Kaye has a blog that has her contact info
  3. Do you know who the pattern designer is? Have you tried contacting them directly?
  4. Whatever marker you choose may become embedded in cotton quilting thread. A soft toothbrush and a spritz of water will remove most. This is usually not a problem with polyester threads.
  5. Are you quilting in the same direction with every pass? This might be causing your quilt top to shift slightly. Pin or stitch basting would help; or changing direction with every pass.
  6. Some people are just not "quilt worthy".
  7. Love it! Awesome quilting; fits the quilt perfectly.
  8. Can you raise the quilt top bar so that the ruler base doesn't knock into it. If that isn't to your liking, you will have to replace the braking system if you remove it.
  9. It might be easier if you loaded so that the waves/wavy lines will be going across the quilt and not top to bottom. The middle pic, make the left corner the top left when you load. If you plan an rolling back and forth, you need to pin baste (pins no more than a hand width apart) or sew baste the whole thing. After you have basted the whole thing, you can SID the narrow border as you advance; start in the middle at the top and go left or right and down as far as your work space will allow. If it makes things easier, trim your batting, leaving at least 4 inches extra on all sides. You got this.
  10. Got to see it up close yesterday. It truly is a work of art!