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  1. Beautiful! Love the feather design in the blue circles.
  2. That's some pretty great teamwork!
  3. Gail O

    Lenni problem.

    Have you checked your thread guides and needle plate for burrs or worn spots? Just flip the thread guides around, so that the thread is not constantly running in the same spot. If the needle plate has any nicks, just buff smooth with an emery cloth. Beautiful quilt!
  4. Well done. You'll get comfortable with rulers pretty quickly.
  5. Not familiar with your machine, but is there a possibility that you have the needle inserted back to front, or the thread winding the wrong way in the bobbin?
  6. $25/$30 per t-shirt will generally cover your costs.
  7. Did you break the needle because you hit a ruler? If so, you might have inadvertently adjusted the needle bar height. Take the bobbin case out, manually move the needle to it's lowest position and check if you can see just the eye of the needle and a tiny bit of silver above the eye, in the bobbin area. If your needle is not the correct height you will not get stitches. I think there is a video on the APQS site on how to adjust the needle height. It's also covered in the manual. Good luck.
  8. Do you have the true 1/4" hopping foot? If it's the old style, they are not a true 1/4" all the way around. Make sure that you are holding the ruler gently - as a guide. If you are pressing down on the fabric or against the hopping foot too hard, it will pull at the fabric and skew your lines.
  9. Quickbooks. It takes some work to set up the inventory items, but will make your life much easier at tax time.
  10. If you search batting storage on the forum, I think you will see that most folks just build something that works for them. I don't think the machine suppliers have a commercially available solution.
  11. Beautiful story. So sorry for your loss. Hugs