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  1. Zoltan at Intelliquilter supports CQ now. You can contact them via internet. They are awesome to work with as I switched from CQ to IQ and they really are amazing.
  2. Beautiful! Love the colors, the handles are so cool and the workmanship stellar.
  3. Wow. I wish i had not just paid $10k for mine. I will see if any quilter friends are looking.
  4. Lucy Martin, I got the box yesterday. Wow. So many hankies I can use! They are soaking away in retro clean as we speak. Thank you so much! I will post pics at some point in the future.
  5. It is my next project I will post when I get it done! I am so happy to see you too!!!
  6. Linda I bought that product and soaked the handkerchiefs. Absolutely amazing. Every single Stain came out. Thank you so much for the referral. Now on to making the quilt.
  7. Thank you Linda. I will check it out. And find a source for the cleaning product. You are always so knowledgeable. I appreciate it. I see a handkerchief Quilt in my near future.
  8. i found a stack of over 50 vintage hankies for $10 this am wow, when I sorted through them there is enough to make three nice size quilts in three colorways. That said, a few of the light ones need stain removal. Does anyone know the name of the product ypunuse to soak vintage linens. i cannot remember it.
  9. I am so excited there was ONE left and I got it. Warranty and all. Wooohooo Thanks again Josh. Rearranging room as we speak.
  10. Josh I will call in he morning. Thank you so much for letting me know.
  11. Hey Miss arb, so good to hear from you. I hope all is well with you and your family. I miss you girl! Grandbabies? Any more weddings. I will email you privately.
  12. Updating: Lucey or Lenni on either 8 or 10 table. Prefer 8 as i have limited room. Bliss is not required as none of my machines has had it I can pay shipping but am located in Florida so need seller to pack it up. I can arrange pick up with trusted driver.
  13. Looking for a Lenni. Prefer 8’ table but 10 could work. Bliss or not no big deal. I can have it picked up but seller must take down and pack in apqs boxes. I am in Florida panhandle. Thanks so much, look forward to hearing from y’all
  14. That is driveable from the panhandle. Unfortunately i do not have room for a 12 foot table. Darn it.
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